MNEs Managing Supply Chains through the Global Health Crisis:

Voices from Europe and Asia


Thursday 5th November 2020


UTC/London 9-11am; Paris/Stockholm/Vienna 10-12pm;

Tokyo/Seoul 6-8pm; Hanoi/Bangkok 4-6pm; Beijing 5-7pm


The Panel will bring together Industry and Academic participants from both Europe and Asia.


EAMSA Panel Organisers:

Prof. Axele Giroud, Prof. Inge Ivarsson, Prof. Sierk Horn



This year’s global health crisis has had a profound impact on MNEs activities globally, and on GVCs. Industry professionals and academic experts will discuss the impact the pandemic has had on Euro-Asian supply chains, drawing on short-term actions adopted by firms to overcome the health crisis, how these have added to existing challenges to global supply chains (including evolving political Industry 4.0 and sustainability challenges), and presenting possible future scenarios and ways forward (such as implications for European and Asian MNEs investment and trade strategies, government policies and development implications for Asian economies). 

Discussion Questions

1.       How have European MNEs adapted strategies in Asia to respond to the global health crisis?

2.       How have Asian MNEs adapted strategies in Asia and Europe to respond to the global health crisis?

3.       What were existing pre-existing challenges to Euro-Asian Supply Chains (eg. Industry 4.0; Sustainability challenges; Changing Government policies)?

4.       Way forward? How will Euro-Asian Supply Chains change in the future as a response to the current crisis, and in response to other challenges to supply chains?

Key Words

Euro-Asia supply chains; MNEs; Global Health crisis, Government policies; Sustainable Supply Chains; Industry 4.0

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