Dear AIB members:

I am happy to announce the publication of my new book, 2030: How Today's Biggest Trends Will Collide and Reshape the Future of Everything, by St. Martin's Press.

I analyze the transformation of consumer and financial markets in the wake of the rise of Africa, population ageing, the emerging middle class, the new role of women in the economy, the growth of cities, and the adoption of technology, from AI and robotics to the blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

I would be happy to provide you with powerpoint presentations if needed.

For more information, go to<>

Praise for the book:

"A must-read for those looking to understand the what, why, and so what of transformational global change."
-Mohamed El-Erian, former PIMPCO CEO and best-selling author of When Markets Collide

"This bold, provocative book illuminates why we're having fewer babies, the middle class is stagnating, unemployment is shifting, and new powers are rising."
-Adam Grant, Wharton Professor and best-selling author of Give and Take, Originals, and Option B.

"Now more than ever, it's clear that the future will be radically different than the present... A brilliant exploration of trends that will change the way we live, work,and play."
-Angela Duckworth, founder of the Character Lab and best-selling author of Grit.

Mauro F. Guillen
Zandman Professor of International Management
The Wharton School
2016 Steinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall
3620 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Ph: 215 573 6267
Twitter @MauroFGuillen

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