We are happy to announce some exciting structural and process changes to AIB
Insights, a primary publication outlet for short (2500 words), applied
articles that provide "Actionable International Business Insights". These
upgrades will improve our review process and greatly increase exposure of
articles and our journal. 


Inaugural Editorial Board


First, we have established an inaugural Editorial Board of outstanding
scholars to help guide the journal in its evolution.


New Submission and Online Publication System


Second, in cooperation with Scholastica, we have a new submission and online
publication system, which will provide a more user-friendly interface and
updated look. AIB Insights articles will now be published online ahead of
their assigned issue (see, which will
mean quicker time to publication and increased visibility for articles.
Additionally, all AIB Insights articles will now have 100-word abstracts and
keywords to increase digital searchability. Scholastica will use these new
features to automatically index AIB Insights with Google Scholar and also to
automate Digital Object Identifier (DOI) registration with Crossref in an
Open Access format. These new features enable searchability on prominent
article databases and will dramatically increase exposure of AIB Insights


Please check out the new journal site, both for uploading new submissions
and reading published articles, here:


Peer-Review Process


Third, we now employ a peer-review process, which began with the 2020 3rd
Quarter special issue on "COVID-19 and International Business." In addition
to independent submissions, which are always welcome (see, we have calls for papers for two
open special issues, on "IB Research Methods" and "Engaging with Oceania"


New Issue and Issue Archive on New Platform


Fourth, we are happy to announce the first issue published on the new
platform, focused on "Responsibilities of Educators in International
Business." This issue was developed in cooperation with the AIB Teaching and
Education Shared Interest Group and the Consortium for Undergraduate
International Business Education (CUIBE). Insights in these eight articles
help us to better understand the responsibilities of educators in
international business, while also prescribing actions we can pursue to
achieve this important goal. You can view this issue here:


Lastly, we are adding abstracts and keywords to previously published AIB
Insights articles to provide past articles with the same digital
searchability features as all of our new articles. Please look for these
articles to be added to the new site by the end of 2020. 


John Mezias, AIB Insights Editor

William Newburry, AIB Insights Associate Editor

Anne Hoekman, AIB Insights Managing Editor


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