During COVID 19 era we have heard of a whole range of challenges, problems, misfortunes and losses; human and economic.
These are challenging times but I think those of us who grow crops (and are healthy) are some of the most fortunate. Seeing life from the soil is always inspirational but now as people are losing jobs, businesses are being forced to close, wages are being docked, the soil keeps on giving.
If you would like to share some of these treasures from the soil (AKA food) here is a perfect opportunity-you can share some of the harvest with your local Food Banks.

Come to EcoFarm's Farms to Food Bank webinar<;!!HXCxUKc!hmPRoAFEN6A93-m8hAw_OtXf4lkxfnTNzd8uh1qB_rh_a88ltVURgk9F11gN9w$> (click on this link to get info for webinar) and register<;!!HXCxUKc!hmPRoAFEN6A93-m8hAw_OtXf4lkxfnTNzd8uh1qB_rh_a88ltVURgk-NqBFNcw$> for the program on Tuesday July 28 at 12 noon PT/ 3 pm ET to engage in a discussion with leading activists and farmers from across the country about this program.  Tuesday-tomorrow at 3 pm eastern time, there is a webinar to guide those interested in sharing their harvested produce with Food Banks. I hope you can join me to learn how we can share what we are fortunate to have, fresh, healthy fruit and vegetables grown in Michigan.

Re: Moderated discussion on Farms to Food bank program 7/28 Noon PT, 3 pm ET
USDA is buying $3 billion worth of food to distribute to emergency food programs through the Farmers to Food Banks initiative. Roughly 7% of that is going to local and regional farmers according to NSAC.
We'll discuss such question as:
- Is this program a lucrative market in the pandemic for small farmers?
- How does this program impact food banks and the populations they serve?
- What's the long term impact of this effort on food banks, USDA procurement, and local food systems?
To register: click here<;!!HXCxUKc!hmPRoAFEN6A93-m8hAw_OtXf4lkxfnTNzd8uh1qB_rh_a88ltVURgk-NqBFNcw$>
Webinar participants include
Wes King, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, DC
Jered Lawson, Pie Ranch, CA
Lon Inaba, Inaba Farms, WA
Christina Wong, NW Harvest, WA
Josh Lohnes, WV University, WV
Thaddeus Barsotti, Capay Organic, CA

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