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Celebrating the great success of this year's Virtual AIB conference, Applied Psychology: An International Review has published an AIB 2020 Conference Virtual Collection. It includes AP: IR articles that are relevant to the field of international business. The papers are freely available online until 16th August 2020.

Academy of International Business 2020 Conference Virtual Collection

Economic Predictors of Differences in Interview Faking Between Countries: Economic Inequality Matters, Not the State of Economy
Cornelius J. König Markus Langer Clemens B. Fell Raghuvar Dutt Pathak Nida ul Habib Bajwa Eva Derous Sanja M. Geißler Shinichi Hirose Ute Hülsheger Nino Javakhishvili Nilve Junges Birgit Knudsen Michael S.W. Lee Marco G. Mariani Gopal C. Nag Claudia Petrescu Chet Robie Halahingano Rohorua Lavinia D. Sammel Désirée Schichtel Sergei Titov Ketevan Todadze Alexander H. von Lautz Martina Ziem

Influence of Personality Traits and Moral Values on Employee Well‐Being, Resilience and Performance: A Cross‐National Study
Vidya S. Athota Pawan Budhwar Ashish Malik

Culture, Burnout, and Engagement: A Meta‐Analysis on National Cultural Values as Moderators in JD‐R Theory
Lucy T.B. Rattrie Markus G. Kittler Karsten I. Paul

Bouncing Back from Failure: Entrepreneurial Resilience and the Internationalisation of Subsequent Ventures Created by Serial Entrepreneurs
Esteban Lafuente Yancy Vaillant Ferran Vendrell‐Herrero Emanuel Gomes

Bridging the Gap: How Supervisors’ Perceptions of Guanxi HRM Practices Influence Subordinates’ Work Engagement
Fu Yang Jing Qian Jun Liu Xiaoyu Huang Rebecca Chau Ting Wang

How Do Coworkers “Make the Place”? Examining Coworker Conflict and the Value of Harmony in China and the United States
Cong Liu Margaret M. Nauta Liu‐Qin Yang Paul E. Spector

Culture and Testing Practices: Is the World Flat?
Ann Marie Ryan Matthew C. Reeder Juliya Golubovich James Grand Ilke Inceoglu Dave Bartram Eva Derous Ioannis Nikolaou Xiang Yao

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