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We regret to inform you that Euro-Asia Management Studies Association (EAMSA) has decided to cancel the 37th EAMSA Annual Conference in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, which was planning to be held in November 2020.

After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been closely watching the situation, hoping that we can hold the conference as planned. However, we still have a high level of uncertainty about whether the travel situation gets back to normal by late November. Therefore, we had to make this tough decision. We do hope that we can rearrange our annual EAMSA conference in Vietnam in the near future.

We have closed the paper submission system for this year’s EAMSA annual conference and will not accept any submission. For those who have been planning to submit your papers to this year’s conference, we encourage you to submit them to other conferences of a similar field or to postpone the paper submission until the next year’s EAMSA conference.

We are currently considering organizing the small online activities such as Webinars and informal online gathering for the EAMSA members around the planned conference dates.

About EAMSA:
The Euro-Asia Management Studies Association (EAMSA) is a platform for scholarly exchange on economic and management issues. Annual conferences, held alternately in Europe and Asia, bring together researchers and business executives who discuss their research and experiences, exchange ideas, and establish collaborative networks. The mission of EAMSA is to (i) promote research and education in the fields of business and management in Asia and Europe, with special emphasis on international comparisons; (ii) to foster an understanding of the role of international organizations and public policies in all matters related to Euro-Asian business activities; (iii) to encourage the exchange of research results, practical experience, and ideas by organizing conferences, meetings and developing research networks among members and institutions, and (iv) to disseminate research results through various channels. EAMSA today has about 200 members in 30 different countries around the world. Roughly half of the members are from Asian countries. Members include scholars from leading academic institutions as well executives, business consultants, researchers and PhD students.

To become a member of EAMSA, please visit our homepage and follow the instructions.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tomoki Sekiguchi, President of EAMSA
The Organizing Committee of the 37th EAMSA Annual Conference
EAMSA Leadership Team
Tomoki Sekiguchi, Ph.D.
Co-Editor-in-Chief, Applied Psychology: An International Review
President, Euro-Asia Management Studies Association (EAMSA)
Professor, Kyoto University Graduate School of Management
Yoshida-Honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8501, JAPAN
TEL: +81-75-753-3470 / FAX: +81-75-753-3492
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