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As the world continues to grapple with the effects of the current pandemic, our association is committed to ensuring that the entire IB community has access to useful academic insights.

One way we've addressed this challenge is by launching our free AIB Journals Webinar Series, which showcases a variety of research from the latest issues of the Journal of International Business Studies and Journal of International Business Policy.

Full details on our next online session and the articles being discussed are available belowóregister by July 22 to save your spot in our livestream audience.

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Current and historic conflict and international business activity

Time: July 23, 11am New York, 3pm GMT, 5pm Berlin, 11pm Hong Kong




The impact of country-dyadic military conflicts on market reaction to cross-border acquisitions
Chengguang Li, Ilgaz Arikan, Oded Shenkar, & Asli Arikan
Presented by: Chengguang Li, Western University

Business environment reforms in fragile and conflict-affected states: From a transactions towards a systems approach
John M. Luiz, Brian Ganson, & Achim Wennmann 
Presented by: John Luiz, University of Sussex

Divestment response to host-country terrorist attacks: Inter-firm influence and the role of temporal consistency
Chang Liu & Dan Li
Presented by: Chang Liu, Rutgers University

Jennifer Oetzel, American University
Paul Vaaler, University of Minnesota





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