*The Second GSJ sponsored Debate Panel at AIB 2020 – online*

The *GSJ* Co-Editors

Gabriel Benito, BI Norway; Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra, Northeastern University; Ram
Mudambi, Temple University

The debate centered on the second *GSJ* Best Paper.

Hennart, J-F. 2012. Emerging market multinationals and the theory of
multinational enterprise. *Global Strategy Journal*, *2*(3): 168-187.


"This House believes that the OLI paradigm cannot explain the rise of
emerging market MNEs"

*Speaking FOR THE MOTION*: The OLI paradigm *CANNOT* explain the rise of

Alain Verbeke, University of Calgary & Editor-in-Chief, *JIBS*

Catherine Magelssen, London Business School

*Speaking AGAINST THE MOTION*: The OLI paradigm *CAN* explain the rise of

Rajshree Agarwal, University of Maryland & Editor, *SMJ*

Exequiel Hernandez, The Wharton School

The debaters gave us a true intellectual treat of cerebral sparring in the
best traditions of scholastic debating. All four brought their unique
talents to the discussion – the experience and perspective of the senior
scholars, the drive and energy of the juniors – in a display of world-class
academic excellence.

I am certain that our large audience (of over 130) took away a lot of food
for thought. The evidence is plain – the number of attendees continued to
rise over the first few minutes and remained steady through the entire
debate – not a single person left.

Finally, as we conduct these debates along the Oxbridge lines, I report the
results of the pre- and post-debate polling (More than 50 voted in both

The pre-debate poll was 57% FOR and 43% AGAINST.

The post-debate poll was 50% FOR and 50% AGAINST.

However, in my mind, it was a win for the spirit of intellectual inquiry.

Warm regards,

Ram Mudambi
Frank M. Speakman Professor of Strategy
Fox School of Business, Temple University
Philadelphia *PA 19122*, USA
Fellow of the Academy of International Business (AIB)
Fellow of the European International Business Academy (EIBA)

Co-Editor, Global Strategy Journal, (SMS)
Area Editor, Journal of International Business Policy (AIB)

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