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AIB 2020 Online<> may be mostly over, but there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate. During these difficult times, our members have continued to innovate the field of IB research and, as always, we want to recognize their exceptional scholarship.

Our 2020 award nominees<> are a credit, both to our association and our discipline as a whole. Please join us in congratulating all of them!

If you took part in our Annual Meeting, be sure to log into our conference portal<> to watch these prize-worthy presentations—they're available for viewing until at least July 31.

And now, we are proud to announce our 2020 award winners... (For maximum dramatic effect, please scroll down slowly.)

Peter J. Buckley and Mark Casson
AIB Dissertation Award<>

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2020 Award Winner
Noman Shaheer
(Ph.D. from University of South Carolina)
Reappraising International Business in a Digital Arena: Barriers, Strategies, and Context for Internationalization of Mobile Apps

AIB Presidential Recognition Award<>

2020 Award Winner

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
Received by: James Zhan, Director, Investment and Enterprise;
Editor-in-Chief, World Investment Report

In recognition of the 30th year of the World Investment Report, noting the significance of the report and its contribution to the field of international business.

Temple/AIB Best Paper Award<>

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2020 Award Winners
Noman Shaheer, Sali Li, and Richard Priem
Location and Capabilities for Digital Internationalization

Alan M. Rugman Young Scholar Award<>

2020 Award Winners

Carlo Brighi, Komal Kalra, and Mike Szymanski
It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It

AIB Award for the Best Doctoral Dissertation Proposal<>

2020 Award Co-Winners

Brian Chindondondo
Revisiting Spillovers Through the Lens of Resource Dependence Theory: The Role of Access Relationships in Low Income Countries

Vera Kunczer
Political Dynamics and Anti-foreignism: Multinational Investments
Under Political Disorder

UNCTAD-AIB Award for Research on
Investment and Development<>

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2020 Award Winner
Yamlaksira Getachew
Loyola Marymount University, USA
Contract Enforcement Institutions and MNE Integration Strategies: Implications for Exit from The Least-Developed Countries

FIU/AIB Best Theory Paper Award<>
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2020 Award Winners

Mooweon Rhee, Valerie Alexandra, and K. Skylar Powell
Individualism-Collectivism Cultural Differences in Performance Feedback Theory

“That’s Interesting!” Award
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2020 Award Winners

Arzi Adbi, Anant Mishra, and Chirantan Chatterjee
Nations within a Nation? Pandemic, Subnational Heterogeneity, and MNE Market Share in an Emerging Economy

Best Paper Award in
Emerging Economies Research
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2020 Award Winners

Vivien E. Jancenelle, Rajshekhar G. Javalgi, and Dominic Buccieri
Informal Family Firms Across Africa: Socioemotional Wealth as a Path Towards Economic Independence Through Prosocial Crowdfunding

CUIBE Award for Best Paper on
International Business Education
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2020 Award Winners

Iris Berdrow, Sam Woolford,
Maria Skaletsky, and Allan Bird
Intercultural Effectiveness: Do International Experiences Move the Needle

2020 WAIB Awards
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WAIB Best Paper Award Winners

Sonja Kristin Franzke and Fabian Jintae Froese
Same But Different? How Female Entrepreneurs in Beijing, Berlin, and London Manage Gender Stereotypes

WAIB Emerging Scholar Award Winner

June Lee
University of San Francisco

WAIB Woman of the Year Award

Janet Murray
University of Missouri-St. Louis

Best Reviewer Award<>
2020 Award Winners

  1.  Valerie Alexandra
  2.  Benjamin Bader
  3.  Brittney Bauer
  4.  Philip Jean Boutin, Jr.
  5.  Sylwia Ciuk
  6.  Ilya Cuypers
  7.  Ratan Dheer
  8.  Anna Dimitrova
  9.  Marlena Monika Dzikowska
  10. Jesper Edman
  11. Claudine Gaibrois
  12. Claudio Giachetti
  13. Anthony Goerzen
  14. Guus Hendriks
  15. Maria Ilieva
  16. Sarah Ku
  17. Grigorios Livanis
  18. Timo Mandler
  19. Ivan Manev

  1.  Stewart Miller
  2.  Ishva Minefee
  3.  Suma M S
  4.  Michael Bruce Murphee
  5.  Janet Murray
  6.  Lilac Nachum
  7.  Linda Rademaker
  8.  Tazeeb Rajwani
  9.  Matevz Raskovic
  10. Tom Roehl
  11. Carolina Sinning
  12. Minna Söderqvist
  13. Ernesto Tavoletti
  14. Emmanuel Junior Tenakwah
  15. Mario Theodopoulou
  16. Lasse Torkkeli
  17. David Weng
  18. George White
  19. Katsuhiko Yoshikawa

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