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We are pleased to announce that Applied Psychology: An International Review, Volume 69, Issue 3, has been published. It includes welcoming editorial, 11 original articles, 3 review/meta-analysis articles, and 1 research note with various exciting topics of applied psychology. Enjoy the new articles in AP: IR!

Applied Psychology: An International Review, Volume 69, Issue 3

Table of Contents

Welcoming Editorial
Nele De Cuyper Tomoki Sekiguchi

Original Articles

Turning Daily Time Pressure into a Creative Day: The Interactionist Roles of Employee Neuroticism and Time Pressure Dispersion
Kai C. Bormann

Being Tough Versus Tender: The Impact of Country‐Level and Individual Masculinity Orientations as Moderators of the Relationship Between Job Insecurity and Job Attitudes
Maike E. Debus Martin Kleinmann Cornelius J. König Silvan Winkler

Influence of Personality Traits and Moral Values on Employee Well‐Being, Resilience and Performance: A Cross‐National Study
Vidya S. Athota Pawan Budhwar Ashish Malik

A Person‐Centred Perspective on Social Support in the Workplace
Gaëtane Caesens Nicolas Gillet Alexandre J.S. Morin Simon A. Houle Florence Stinglhamber

Evidence for the Impact of Organisational Resources Versus Job Characteristics in Assessments of Occupational Stress Over Time
Mitchell J. Raper Paula Brough Amanda Biggs

Gender and Leadership Aspiration: Supervisor Gender, Support, and Job Control
Claudia Fritz Daan van Knippenberg

Exploring the Role and Importance of Human Capital in Resilient High Performing Organisations: Evidence from Business Clusters
Vijay Pereira Yama Temouri Charmi Patel

The Effect of a Context‐Specific Primed Goal on Goal Commitment and Team Performance
Gary P. Latham Jing Hu Jelena Brcic

Ethical Leadership and Unethical Pro‐Organisational Behaviour: The Mediating Mechanism of Reflective Moral Attentiveness
Qing Miao Nathan Eva Alexander Newman Ingrid Nielsen Kendall Herbert

What We Share Is Who We Are and What We Do: How Emotional Intimacy Shapes Organizational Identification and Collaborative Behaviors
Francesco Sguera Richard P. Bagozzi Quy N. Huy R. Wayne Boss David S. Boss

Job Crafting via Decreasing Hindrance Demands: The Motivating Role of Interdependence Misfit and the Facilitating Role of Autonomy
Scott B. Dust Maria Tims

Review Articles

Resilience in the Workplace: A Multilevel Review and Synthesis
Silja Hartmann Matthias Weiss Alexander Newman Martin Hoegl

A Meta‐Analytic Review of Paternalistic Leadership
Akanksha Bedi

Psychological Research on Organisational Democracy: A Meta‐Analysis of Individual, Organisational, and Societal Outcomes
Wolfgang G. Weber Christine Unterrainer Thomas Höge

Research Note

Communicating Science Effectively: When an Optimised Video Communication Enhances Comprehension, Pleasantness, and People’s Interest in Knowing More About Scientific Findings
Eufemia S. Putortì Simona Sciara Norman U. Larocca Massimo P. Crippa Giuseppe Pantaleo


Retraction statement: ADHD symptoms and entrepreneurial orientation of small firm owners

Attention‐Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Symptoms and Entrepreneurial Orientation: A Replication Note
Annelot Wismans Roy Thurik Ingrid Verheul Olivier Torrès Katsuyuki Kamei

Retractions Are Difficult––Perhaps They Shouldn’t Be

E‐only Article

The Corona Crisis: What Can We Learn from Earlier Studies in Applied Psychology?
Thomas Rigotti Nele De Cuyper Tomoki Sekiguchi

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