Dear AIB Colleagues:


I have invited several guest speakers to my Ph.D. course, and two of them do really cool things.

I thought their experiences and insights would be of interest to the larger IB community, so I got their permission to invite more people.

Join us.


Both this Friday, July 10.


Middlesex University, UK

. The author of the Harzing Journal Quality List

. The creator of the Publish or Perish software 

. Author of more than 160 books, book chapters, and academic papers



Topic: Why the way we measure research productivity and impact is not perfect and how it can be done better


Friday, July 10, 10 am EST



University of Maryland, moving to Stanford University, USA

. Author of the Cultural Looseness/Tightness theory

. Recipient of dozens of research grants totaling several million

. Decades of research collaboration with the FBI, the US Army, Airforce, Navy




Topic: How to invent a theory, How to get research grants, How to do research in collaboration with the military and government agencies


Friday, July 10, 3 pm EST


If you live in a “publish-or-perish” world where research productivity and research grants matter, join us. You will learn a lot.




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