Dear AIB Colleagues:

I have invited several guest speakers to my Ph.D. course, and two of them
do really cool things.

I thought their experiences and insights would be of interest to the larger
IB community, so I got their permission to invite more people.

Join us.

Both this Friday, July 10.

   - *Dr. Anne-Wil Harzing*, 10 am EST

Middlesex University, UK

. The author of the Harzing Journal Quality List

. The creator of the Publish or Perish
<> software

. Author of more than 160 books, book chapters, and academic papers


*Topic: Why the way we measure research productivity and impact is not
perfect and how it can be done better *

Friday, July 10, *10 am* EST

   - *Dr. Michele Gelfand*, 3 pm EST

University of Maryland, moving to Stanford University, USA

. Author of the Cultural Looseness/Tightness theory

. Recipient of dozens of research grants totaling several million

. Decades of research collaboration with the FBI, the US Army, Airforce,

Web: <>


*Topic: How to invent a theory, How to get research grants, How to do
research in collaboration with the military and government agencies*

Friday, July 10, *3 pm* EST

If you live in a “publish-or-perish” world where research productivity and
research grants matter, join us. You will learn a lot.


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