Hi all,

I would like to thank you all for the phenomenal response to my message about this year’s AIB running club. The Strava club (<;!!KwNVnqRv!W_RPY9nGne0Rtme_Vw3iRpBVDBWTIc7_Rw7WDR1TJ-fF8UGp4aYblEaCqIHk3GAFJQ$>) has in no time gone from 0 to 59 members, which will be instrumental to reach our ambitious goals of collectively accumulating 2020 km and maximizing the number of countries and cities in which physical activities take place between July 1 and July 9.

A couple of people asked me if the AIB running club is open for people who are not competitive athletes. Absolutely! The club is open for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Other people asked if they could conduct other activities such as walking, rollerblading, skateboarding or rowing. The answer is yes. Any physical activity counts in which you cover a distance.

Some others asked how they can record their activities if they do not have a GPS watch such as Garmin, Apple Watch or Fitbit. To accommodate this, I have created a google doc where you can for each day input your name, sport, distance, city and country. We will take your word that the information is correct and will include the numbers in our calculations. You can find the link to the google doc here:

Finally, Lorraine Eden made the excellent suggestion that we can use the virtual fitness activity to collect donations for a good cause related to COVID-19. I am fully on board with this. I commit to contribute $2 for each km that I will run from July 1 to July 9 to the International Rescue Committee (<;!!KwNVnqRv!W_RPY9nGne0Rtme_Vw3iRpBVDBWTIc7_Rw7WDR1TJ-fF8UGp4aYblEaCqIEXqLuXJw$>). On the google document, I have created two extra tabs in which you can indicate how much you commit and to which organization. We will once again use the honor code system here since each one of you will need to do the donation yourselves. Here is a list of interesting international organizations:

  *   International Rescue Committee (<;!!KwNVnqRv!W_RPY9nGne0Rtme_Vw3iRpBVDBWTIc7_Rw7WDR1TJ-fF8UGp4aYblEaCqIEXqLuXJw$>)
  *   The WHO is asking for donations for its COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund<;!!KwNVnqRv!W_RPY9nGne0Rtme_Vw3iRpBVDBWTIc7_Rw7WDR1TJ-fF8UGp4aYblEaCqIHCIThxvg$>
  *   Charity Navigator has a COVID-19 list, by category, here:<;!!KwNVnqRv!W_RPY9nGne0Rtme_Vw3iRpBVDBWTIc7_Rw7WDR1TJ-fF8UGp4aYblEaCqIHhBd5a3w$>
  *   Here is Vanguard's list of top charities for COVID-19:<;!!KwNVnqRv!W_RPY9nGne0Rtme_Vw3iRpBVDBWTIc7_Rw7WDR1TJ-fF8UGp4aYblEaCqIGqzxjTiw$>

We also encourage you to ask your family, friends and colleagues on Facebook and LinkedIn to support your virtual fitness activity by sponsoring your fitness activity and donating to a COVID-19 charity also. We would like to see AIB’ers all over the world running, walking, biking, etc, to raise funds for the coronavirus pandemic.  So that we have some idea of the total amount of funds raised please tell people that, in making their charitable donations, to add that the donations are related to the “Academy of International Business (AIB) Running Club”.



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