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Subject: Missouri River Pallid Sturgeon Technical Lead Position Open<!!HXCxUKc!lS4JBseXFX0---FUFDS2nH1qGWZ0OdfrhmczC24TpSE7yfixHlo7dOXR5QThOve0Aw%24&data=01%7C01%7Cschne181%40MSU.EDU%7C9e660ff9f8964d09f25108d81c813782%7C22177130642f41d9921174237ad5687d%7C0&sdata=ck5IX7RtH8BPzsecXi2JK59H5P0i6yQBTkAUwVp%2FmH8%3D&reserved=0><!!HXCxUKc!lS4JBseXFX0---FUFDS2nH1qGWZ0OdfrhmczC24TpSE7yfixHlo7dOXR5QTxaOi5IA%24&data=01%7C01%7Cschne181%40MSU.EDU%7C9e660ff9f8964d09f25108d81c813782%7C22177130642f41d9921174237ad5687d%7C0&sdata=klmWq6e9x1qw5iFjXiR9Ck75WEJHh3%2F4M0suLrQ1o14%3D&reserved=0>

Missouri River Colleagues:  .....PLEASE HELP DISTRIBUTE! .....

The Missouri River Coordinators Office in Yankton, South Dakota is currently advertising for a Pallid Sturgeon Technical Lead position on USA JOBS;  see links copied above.  This new position will serve a key leadership role in guiding and evaluating  pallid sturgeon science for the US Fish and Wildlife Service and its partners; while communicating this science across a suite of pallid sturgeon recovery platforms including the Missouri River Recovery Adaptive Management Plan, Missouri River Recovery Implementation Committee, and Pallid Sturgeon Recovery Team and Work Groups.  This position truly is a unique opportunity for someone interested in science application/decision support within a highly complex river system, a dynamic interface between ecological need and economic value, and a highly engaged stakeholder constituency.

This position is being advertised as a GS12/13 depending on experience.  Preferred duty location is Yankton, SD but duty location is being advertised for choice in Bismarck, ND; Pierre, SD; Yankton, SD; Omaha, NE or Kansas City, MO. Position solicitation closes July 10, 2020.

I ask for your help in any of the following ways:

  1.   Please share the links for this position with your colleagues, friends and enemies.
  2.   Consider applying for this position yourself.
  3.   Call me with any questions or just to visit.  605-760-7471
Thank you!

Jennifer Mittelhauser
Biology Instructor
University of Central Missouri
School of Natural Sciences
W.C. Morris 306
Warrensburg, Mo 64093
OFFICE:  230C (across from the elevator)

PhD Candidate, University of North Texas
Department of Biology
Denton, TX

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