*Special issue on social entrepreneurship*

The 21st century continues to bring valuable technological advancements,
economic growth, and innovative business opportunities. However, one of the
most pressing challenges for our society is to build and encourage
sustainable business models that diminish the environmental impact,
contribute to social justice challenges such as poverty and inequality, and
achieve competitiveness in highly dynamic markets. Social entrepreneurship
has emerged as a powerful and interdisciplinary phenomenon that promises to
tackle this challenge by focusing attention on organizations that combine
for-profit intentions with a clear social and/or environmental mission
(Dacin et al., 2011; Santos, 2012; Short et al., 2009). Scholarly work in
this area shows an increasing interest in the formation and management of
social enterprises, the contextual conditions that influence social
entrepreneurship, and the entrepreneurs that lead these organizations
(Alvord et al., 2004; Corner & Ho, 2010; Weerawardena & Mort, 2006).
Through this special issue, NEJE aims to promote the progress of this field
by deepening our knowledge of key areas in social entrepreneurship,
including but not limited to:

   - Conceptualizations and literature reviews on social entrepreneurship
   - Measurement of social value and social venture performance
   - Characteristics and motivations of social entrepreneurs
   - Marketing in social enterprises
   - Finance and supply chain in social enterprises
   - Management and growth of social enterprises
   - Market assessment and opportunity recognition in social
   - Methodological issues in social enterprises/entrepreneurship research
   - The role of context in social entrepreneurship

*Submission Guidelines*

The submission deadline is July 31st, 2020. Papers will be screened by the
guest editors and those deemed suitable will be sent to at least two
reviewers. Manuscripts must apply the NEJE’s general author guidelines such
as style and paper length. All papers must go through the journal’s online
submission portal ( Authors should
select ‘SI: Social Entrepreneurship’ option when submitting their
Key deadlines
Submissions open: May 1st, 2020.
Submissions deadline: July 31st, 2020.

For any questions, please contact the editor Andres Felipe Cortes (
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The call for papers is specified in the journal homepage: New England
Journal of Entrepreneurship

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