Dear Colleagues,
I'm delighted to present International Business Review- Special Issue for Review Articles,  Vol 29 (4) with 9 review articles selected out of 74 submissions. This SI includes a useful article on -The Art of Writing Literature Reviews.

Special Issue on Looking Back to Look Forward: Setting Future Research Agenda for International Business Studies; Guest Edited by Justin Paul and Alex Rialp-Criado
  1. The art of writing literature reviews: What do we know and what do we need to know?

    Article 101717
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  2. Foreign location decisions through an institutional lens: A systematic review and future research agenda

    Article 101690
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  3. Host country risk and foreign ownership strategy: Meta-analysis and theory on the moderating role of home country institutions

    Article 101666
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  4. Piecing together a puzzle—A review and research agenda on internationalization and the promise of exaptation

    Article 101664
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  5. The determinants and performance of early internationalizing firms: A literature review and research agenda

    Article 101662
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  6. Corruption in international business: A review and research agenda

    Article 101660
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  7. Export market orientation: An integrative review and directions for future research

    Article 101659
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  8. Cognitive foundations of firm internationalization: A systematic review and agenda for future research

    Article 101654
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  9. Decades of research on foreign subsidiary divestment: What do we really know about its antecedents?

    Article 101653
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  10. Culture and International business research: A review and research agenda

    Article 101709

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