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Subject: [glin-jobs] Research Technician-Epidemiology - MPHI, Lansing, MI

Research Technician - Epidemiology (886)
Req Id 886 - Posted 05/08/2020 - Lansing, MI - Full-Time – Posting closes May 25, 2020
This is an MPHI Affiliate position working for the State of Michigan Department of Health & Human Services Division of Environmental Health. MPHI is a Michigan-based and nationally engaged, non-profit public health institute.  We are a team of teams, process and content experts, dedicated to building A world where tomorrow is healthier than today!
All applicants must apply on the MPHI Careers website link here:<*5fns=job*5flisting&company=mphi&navBarLevel=JOB*5fSEARCH&rcm*5fsite*5flocale=en*5fUS&career_job_req_id=886&selected_lang=en_US&jobAlertController_jobAlertId=&jobAlertController_jobAlertName=&_s.crb=L6x*2fCPra*2bGAaljkhVD0Xmkez2gY*3d__;JSUlJSUlJSUl!!HXCxUKc!hqvHOw40TmpNvupYeBt0wV5_zw-6HvR_yJbH_nRPWhjawUnnmBI4ls4nQY7blizCXQ$>
Title:                          Research Technician – Epidemiology ($18.90 - $25.96)  Posted thru: 5-25-2020
 Supervisor:                     Deb MacKenzie-Taylor, Toxicology and Assessment Section Manager
 Purpose:  This position provides support to epidemiologists involved in planning and facilitating health studies and/or biomonitoring projects being conducted by the Division of Environmental Health at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.
 Duties and Responsibilities:

  *   Organize and critically review study forms, protocols and questionnaires.
  *   Develop a broad understanding of complex studies to see how all aspects contribute to a successful outcome.
  *   Assist project manager to ensure accurate tracking of decisions made, study progress, and reporting.
  *   Collaborate with health education and community engagement staff to ensure accurate and consistent messaging across deliverables.
  *   General logistical and administrative support duties as needed (e.g. take detailed notes at meetings, maintain data in spreadsheets, etc.).
  *   Create graphs, figures, and presentations utilizing Microsoft Office Suite and other programs/software to product quality deliverables.
  *   Provide additional support to the Division of Environmental Health as requested.
  *   Represent the best interest of MPHI and MDHHS at all times.
  *   Maintain flexibility and adaptability to adjust to day to day unit or project needs.
Education:  Possession of a bachelor’s degree or higher in any science-related field, preferably with training in public health or epidemiology. Alternatively, a combination of education and professional experience in a research or healthcare setting specific to epidemiological topics.
Experience:  Experience with public health focused research involving human subjects.  Basic training in epidemiological topics including study design, survey development, and scientific communication, among others.

Important Skills and Characteristics:

  *   Excellent critical thinking and organizational skills are required.
  *   Attention to detail and ability to assess materials while considering overarching goals and objectives of the study.
  *   Comfortable providing and receiving feedback.
  *   Proficient in computer applications and Microsoft Office Suite.
  *   Ability and willingness to learn other computer applications such as REDCap or Microsoft Access.
  *   Actively contribute to team/collaborative work.
  *   Ability to communicate in a professional and courteous manner.
  *   Maintain confidentiality as required by state and federal laws.
  *   Capable of organizing, maintaining, evaluating and presenting information accurately and effectively.
  *   Willing to learn new scientific terms/concepts.
Work Environment and Physical Requirements:  Physical requirements consistent with a standard office environment.  There may be times when work outside of regular hours is necessary for the completion of a project. The employee may need to conduct site visits and attend public events around the state. May be required to transport supplies to sites around the state. Items and supplies can be bulky and weigh up to 40 lbs.  May occasionally be exposed to cold or wet outdoor weather conditions.  Requires valid vehicle operator’s license and frequent travel within the State, including overnights or weekends. Less occasionally, travel may be required outside the State.
Responsibility for the Work of Others:  No assigned responsibilities.
All applicants must apply on the MPHI Careers website link here<*5fns=job*5flisting&company=mphi&navBarLevel=JOB*5fSEARCH&rcm*5fsite*5flocale=en*5fUS&career_job_req_id=886&selected_lang=en_US&jobAlertController_jobAlertId=&jobAlertController_jobAlertName=&_s.crb=L6x*2fCPra*2bGAaljkhVD0Xmkez2gY*3d__;JSUlJSUlJSUl!!HXCxUKc!hqvHOw40TmpNvupYeBt0wV5_zw-6HvR_yJbH_nRPWhjawUnnmBI4ls4nQY7blizCXQ$>.
Cat Rathbun
MDHHS-Environmental Health Division
Human Resources Project Manager
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