Call for Chapters for the Book “Chinese Innovation and Branding Leaps”

World Scientific Publishing’s highly acclaimed book series, “Series on Innovation and Knowledge Management” is designed to generate a deeper understanding on the issues related to innovation and knowledge management as well as the role of knowledge management practices in innovation.

Firms from emerging markets and developed markets face capability deficiencies as they all vie for market leadership in the global marketplace. However, firms from emerging markets lack different capabilities than those from developed markets. For example, firms from emerging markets lack international marketing experience and possess brands with low brand equities, while those from developed markets lack razor sharp insight into consumers from emerging markets as well as the ability to handle volatility in a swift and agile manner[1].

Serdar S. Durmusoglu, the editor of the new book on Chinese Innovation and Branding Leaps”, to be published under Series on Innovation and Knowledge Management, addresses the above issues and more. The Editor seeks proposals for chapters to be included in this new volume. This volume will primarily focus on providing conceptual as well as in-depth case or empirical studies on the challenges faced and lessons learned regarding the ‘management of innovation, knowledge management, and branding’ by Chinese firms in the global arena as well as Western firms in China while they are managing their product innovations and branding efforts. Experiences of Chinese firms and firms in China are crucial since, China is not only the largest emerging market economy, but also the second largest economy in the world.

The target audience for this volume is both new and experienced product development and innovation professionals, branding professionals, as well as executives contemplating ways to expand their product innovation reach across the globe, and build long-lasting brands or protect their existing brand equity. Given the cut throat competitive nature of innovation and branding, this book will fulfill a need and demonstrate keys to success and pitfalls to avoid in such tumultuous journeys.

The book is expected to include 10-15 chapters of approximately 20-30 pages each, depending on the quality and relevance of the contributions. Possible topics and areas include, but not limited to the following:


·        Global product development and global branding of Chinese consumer durables (e.g., Haier)

·        Differences in innovation approaches in China versus other parts of the world (e.g., Sanofi)

·        Shortcut to brand building: Brand acquisitions of Chinese firms (e.g., FILA, MG)

·        What does it take for a Chinese brand to succeed in the West? (e.g., TikTok)

·        Innovations at and branding of Chinese fintech (e.g., Ant Financial, JD Digits, WeLend)

·        Building successful Chinese brands in other emerging markets (e.g., Transsion in Africa, Oppo, and Vivo in ASEAN)

·        Knowledge Transfer Challenges (e.g., Geely and Mercedes)

·        Chinese brand breaks into the world market (e.g., Bosideng Story)

·        A Case Study (e.g., Anta Sports Products’ journey, developing COMAC C919)

·        Chinese innovation parks: What have we learned from them in the West?

Proposals should consist of chapter title, abstract, a one-paragraph objective and target audience description for the chapter, and a 1-2 page outline for the chapter that covers its basic content. All chapters must contain examples of firms, products, or brands that have either been successful or learned significantly from mistakes and an indication as to how and why others can expect to benefit from these experiences described. All contributions will be peer reviewed.

Chinese Innovation and Branding Leaps book timeline is:


May 1

Chapter Proposals Due to the Editor


June 1

Author Selection, Notification, and Chapter Feedback to Authors


September 1

First Draft of Chapters Due


October 15

Chapter Acceptance and Reviewers’ Feedback


November 15

Revised Chapter Due to the editor


December 1

Final Comments from the Editor to Authors


December 31

Final Revisions to the Editor


January 15

Final Chapters Due to Publisher



Publication of “Chinese Innovation and Branding Leaps”

Please note that non-commercial policies will be adhered to. The author(s)’ professional affiliations can be included in their by-line, but the chapter should not present any proprietary methods or techniques. Please also note that no financial compensation will be provided to authors for this work. Standard compensation is one free copy of the final book for each author.

Please e-mail all chapter proposals as attached word files (as well as any questions) to the editor, Professor Serdar S. Durmusoglu, at [log in to unmask] before May 1, 2020. Early submissions are strongly encouraged.           

[1] Ramamurti, R. and Williamson, P. J. 2019. Rivalry between emerging-market MNEs and developed-country MNEs: Capability holes and the race to the future. Business Horizons. 62,157-169.


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