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I would like to share with you an event review of a recent online special symposium organized by IACMR (the International Association for Chinese Management Research) and video recordings of the six sessions of the symposium.


The global outbreak of the COVID-19 has created enormous impacts on world economy and business. To demonstrate “responsible research” advocated by IACMR, Professor Zhaoli Song (National University of Singapore) and Professor Wu Liu (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) organized the special symposium on COVID-19 Outbreak and Management. The online sessions were held via Zoom on April 11 to April 14.


The special symposium consisted of six sessions in four days. It covered some critical topics and issues on coronavirus crisis and management, creating a platform for scholars to share their wisdom, to inspire new ideas and to promote responsible scholarship to address critical social issues. 19 scholars presented their papers on organizational management, economy and market, behavioral responses, communication and public policies that were related to the COVID-19 outbreak. For example, one paper provided insights on Chinese companies’ positioning in the global value chain. Another paper reported how mindfulness meditation training helped people improve their sleep during the outbreak period. Some scholars relied on simulations to model and predict epidemic progress trends in different regions. Yet a few scholars made suggestions to improve the national epidemic reporting system with the block chain technology. These studies represented fine examples on how academic thinking and analytical tools can be used to address pressing problems in the real world.


Six guest discussants, including the current president, president-elect, vice president, and vice president-elect of IACMR, were invited to comment on papers in each session. Discussants summarized commonalities of papers in each session, highlighted their theoretical and practical contributions, and provided suggestions for authors to improve their works. Authors expressed their appreciation for the clear guidance from discussants.


These six sessions attracted a total of 876 participants, with a peak of 217 people online. The video conferencing system provided instant barrier-free interaction opportunities. The participants were able to view speech outlines on the screen while listening to the speaker's presentation. In addition, the system allowed participants to raise questions in the chat box, facilitating instant and smooth communication between presenters and participants. Participants actively asked questions and communicated with each other, which was also a good opportunity for authors to get feedbacks to improve their papers. Such online forums have created a new mode of academic exchanges, particularly suitable under the current situation of "social distancing".


Please vist the webpage ( for more details. Below are the links to the video recordings of the six sessions. It is very encouraging that AIB scholars may benefit from such recordings and I really appreciate AIB's support!

Session 1: Outbreak and the Crises and Opportunities for Chinese Enterprises (in Chinese )

DiscussantRuntian Jing,  Shanghai Jiao Tong University, IACMR Vice President

Video Link

Session 2: Outbreak and Behavior (in English)

Discussant: Ray Friedman, Vanderbilt University, IACMR President

Video Link

Session 3: Outbreak and Organizational Management (in Chinese )

DiscussantJun LiuRenmin University of China    

Video Link

Session 4: Outbreak and Management (in English)

Discussant: Xu Huang, The Hong Kong Baptist University

Video Link

Session 5: Outbreak Information, Communication and Decision Making (in Chinese )

DiscussantZhixue Zhang,  Peking University, IACMR President-elect

Video Link

Session 6: Outbreak and Public Management (in Chinese )

DiscussantWei Shen,  Arizona State University; IACMR Vice President-elect

Video Link

Thank you for your kind attention!

Zhijun Yao
Executive Director


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