Dear Colleague,

The Spring 2020 issue of Rutgers Business Review is now available at<>

In this issue:

Building a Future-Ready Procurement Organization <>

by Leonardo (Len) DeCandia

One Approach to Repeat Business: "Customer Success Managers" <>

by Betsy Gelb, Deva Rangarajan, Bryan Hochstein, Mikael Blaisdell

7 Myths of Leadership in Business <>

by Rob Bogosian

(When) Can Social Media Buzz Data Replace Traditional Surveys for Sales Forecasting? <>

by Yuying Shi, Ekaterina (Kate) Karniouchina, Can Uslay

Why Do So Many Good Assembly Plants Close? Toward a New Plant Stakeholder and Total Lifecycle Management Strategy <>

by Jeff Shockley, Patrick Collignon, Xiaojin (Jim) Liu

Paths to Purchase: The Seven Steps of Customer Purchase Journey Mapping <>

by Barry Berman

How to Protect Ourselves from Climate Change While Saving Money: Use Building Techniques from Europe <>

by Ephram Glass, Victor Glass

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Sengun (Shen) Yeniyurt, Ph.D.
Co-Editor in Chief, Rutgers Business Review (<>)
Founding Co-Director, Center for Market Advantage (<>)
Vice Chair and Dean's Research Professor, Marketing Department
Affiliated Faculty, Supply Chain Management Department
Rutgers Business School, Newark and New Brunswick, NJ

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