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Here is the Table of Contents and weblink of a special issue of the Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies (JCEBS) on Global Trading System and Protectionism.


Special issue on Global Trading System and Protectionism

Volume 17 Issue 4


Guest editors: K. C. Fung, Xiaolan Fu & Jinghai Zheng


1.           Title: Introduction to the special issue on ‘global trading system and protectionism: China, the United States and Europe’

Author: K. C. Fung, Xiaolan Fu & Jinghai Zheng


2.           Title: Economic relations between China and the U.S.

Author: Lawrence J. Lau


3.           Title: The national security argument for protection of domestic industries

Author: Leonard K. Cheng, Gregory W. Whitten & Jingbo Hua


4.           Title: Sino-US trade balance from national income perspective and global income chains

Author: Xinru Li &Xikang Chen


5.           Title: Europe in the midst of China–US strategic economic competition: what are the European Union’s options?

Author: Alicia Garcia Herrero


6.           Title: The global faces of China’s incomplete reforms: a perspective from China’s new intellectual property regime

Author: Ge Chen &Max J. Zenglein



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Department of International Development,

University of Oxford


Editor in Chief, Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies


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