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Multinational Business Review (MBR) celebrates its 2019 achievements with this virtual issue, a collection of selected papers free to access for one month until April 23 ( The selected papers are chosen based on their impact since their publications and over the past three years. The virtual issue does not include Open Access articles, that are listed below separately.

MBR is growing in both reach and quality, having seen a 22% increase in downloads in the last three years. Along with this, we have also seen recent increases in traditional journal rankings; MBR is now ranked a B in the Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC), with a 2018 Impact Factor of 1.436 and a 2018 CiteScore of 2.46.

These achievements would not have been possible without the efforts and dedication of our Editorial Board members and authors who we would like to thank for their dedication.

This virtual issue comprises of the following papers, all of which are available on Emerald Insight:


The Virtual Issue

What is the Shape of the Multinationality-Performance Relationship? By Douglas E. Thomas and Lorraine Eden

Reconciling Internalization Theory and the Eclectic Paradigm
 by Alan M. Rugman

Determinants of Corruption: A Cross-National Analysis by Hoon Park

Multinational Enterprises Are Regional, Not Global by Alan M. Rugman and Cecilia Brain

Internationalization and Performance: Traditional Measures and Their Decomposition by Chin‐Chun Hsu and David J. Boggs

The Impact of Home Country Institutional Effects on the Internationalization Strategy of Chinese Firms by Hinrich Voss, Peter J. Buckley and Adam R. Cross

What is “strategic asset seeking FDI”? by Klaus E. Meyer

Government subsidies, state ownership, regulatory infrastructure, and the import of strategic resources: Evidence from China by Gongming Qian, Bin Liu and Qingtao Wang

A global perspective of entrepreneurship and innovation in China by David Ahlstrom, Xiaohua Yang, Liang Wang and Changqi Wu

Why modern slavery thrives in multinational corporations’ global value chains by Christina Stringer and Snejina Michailova

Why multinational enterprises may be causing more inequality than we think by Elisa Giuliani

Internationalization strategies of hidden champions: lessons from Germany by David B. Audretsch, Erik E. Lehmann and Julian Schenkenhofer



Recent Open Access Articles in Multinational Business Review


Fransen, L., Kolk, A. and Rivera-Santos, M. (2019), "The multiplicity of international corporate social responsibility standards: Implications for global value chain governance", Multinational Business Review, Vol. 27 No. 4, pp. 397-426


Oetzel, J. and Miklian, J. (2017), "Multinational enterprises, risk management, and the business and economics of peace", Multinational Business Review, Vol. 25 No. 4, pp. 270-286




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Co-editors, Multinational Business Review


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