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The present times are unprecedented. The world as we know has seen much change. In this, we must fight together to save ourselves and the people around us from Covid-19. The next few days are crucial. We hope you are following the advisory laid out by WHO and your government. Please follow the directives carefully and keep yourself safe.

We present to you the first issue of 2020, FIIB Business Review Volume 9 Issue 1. This issue aims to link and to find better ways to understand the boundary/interface between organizational behaviour, organizational culture, organizational change and strategic implementations and strategic compatibility. I hope you enjoy the contributions of this issue; please don’t forget the authors in your work if their contribution adds value to your research work.


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First Published March 21, 2020; pp. 7–8


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First Published February 20, 2020; pp. 9–14


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First Published March 21, 2020; pp. 15–22


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First Published April 21, 2019; pp. 23–24
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First Published March 21, 2020; pp. 25–27


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First Published January 14, 2020; pp. 28–41
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First Published October 14, 2019; pp. 42–54
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First Published March 9, 2020; pp. 55–66

We shall be happy to hear your feedback on this issue. Please feel free to write us back.

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