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Subject: FW: Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration Job Openings


Job posting from Massachusetts.


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Subject: Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration Job Openings

The Division of Ecological Restoration (DER) is excited to announce three new positions. DER is a growing organization dedicated to the restoration and protection of rivers, wetlands, and watersheds for the benefit of people and the environment.  The three positions focus on 1) building the capacity of watershed and other regional organizations to lead and support restoration; 2) ecological restoration communications; and 3) restoration operations management.  We seek motivated candidates who will thrive at developing these new areas of focus and help DER increase the pace and scale of restoration statewide.  Summaries and links to the full job announcements and instructions are below.  Please note that preference is given to candidates that apply within the first two weeks.  For more information about DER’s work, please see our website.<;!!HXCxUKc!lrdisXsShZl939X8t7jcvRfxHhDLaHGeNK3AGaOBN8bTgwquIzMv9KN5YLK7pyQ$>

1. The Ecological Restoration Partnerships Specialist leads DER’s Regional Restoration Partnerships Program and develops, coordinates, and oversees DER’s restoration partnerships with watershed groups and other regional organizations.  With funding and support from DER, Regional Partners provide technical and financial assistance to help municipalities, NGOs, and others develop and implement high-value restoration and protection projects and actions that target DER’s priority ecological stressors, including habitat degradation, streamflow stress, impaired water quality, and climate change impacts. This position engages with regional partners to assess needs, identify shared priorities, and develop and implement effective partnership structures and workplans.  The position manages and provides technical and programmatic guidance for multiple DER-supported regional partnerships that are established via competitive procurements.<;!!HXCxUKc!lrdisXsShZl939X8t7jcvRfxHhDLaHGeNK3AGaOBN8bTgwquIzMv9KN56fyz_G8$>

2.  The Ecological Restoration Communications Specialist leads DER’s initiatives to communicate the value of the Division’s ecological restoration work to partners and stakeholders and to build public support for ecological restoration and nature-based approaches to climate adaptation.  This position leads the development, implementation, and evaluation of strategic communications plans and activities for the Division, its programs, and its projects.  Additionally, this position leads DER’s public affairs work, including rapid responses to time-sensitive communications issues and requests for information and coordinates and supports public affairs and outreach events.  The position also researches, authors, and supports written communications and outreach materials.  Finally, the Specialist serves as a communications subject matter expert for the Division.<;!!HXCxUKc!lrdisXsShZl939X8t7jcvRfxHhDLaHGeNK3AGaOBN8bTgwquIzMv9KN5crlTkVY$>

3.  The Ecological Restoration Operations Specialist (PCII) works with DER leadership and staff to analyze, develop, and manage the Division's operational systems and processes.  This position leads and supports efficient and effective operations across all DER functions, including restoration project management, program management, information management, strategic planning, use of technology, budgeting and procurement, development of best practices, and performance analysis and tracking.  The Operations Specialist also leads DER's restoration economy work, developing systems that track relevant economic data for restoration projects and analyzing data in order to document the economic effects of DER's restoration work.<;!!HXCxUKc!lrdisXsShZl939X8t7jcvRfxHhDLaHGeNK3AGaOBN8bTgwquIzMv9KN5ezJCuW0$>

Please note that requisitions will remain open for 90 days; however, first consideration will be given to those applicants that apply within the first 14 days of the posting.

Ryan Barney
Program Assistant
MA Dept. of Fish and Game
Division of Ecological Restoration
251 Causeway Street, Suite 400
Boston, MA  02114
[DER Small Logo]


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