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Matevz (Matt) Raskovic, Victoria University of Wellington
Desislava Dikova, WU Vienna
Tricia McDougall-Covin, Indiana University

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Journal of Business Research

Volume 108, Pages 1-510 , January 2020

Editorial Board

Pages ii-vi

Special Section on: International business with Central and Eastern Europe: Changing Global Landscape and Regional Cooperation. Guest Edited by: Desislava Dikova, Patricia P McDougall and Matevz (Matt) Raskovic

International business with Central and Eastern Europe: From tyranny of history to revisited laboratories of learning

Pages 417-420

Matevž Rašković, Desislava Dikova, Tricia P. McDougall-Covin

Evolution of Central and Eastern Europe related international business research

Pages 421-434

Andreja Jaklič, Krzysztof Obloj, Marjan Svetličič, Luka Kronegger

The role of perceived institutional distance in foreign ownership level decisions of new MNEs

Pages 435-449

Piotr Trąpczyński, Tilo F. Halaszovich, Dorota Piaskowska

Learning dynamics of rapidly internationalizing venture: Beyond the early stage of international growth in a CEE context

Pages 450-465

Mariola Ciszewska-Mlinarič, Piotr Wójcik, Krzysztof Obłój

Disentangling the impact of different innovation types, financial constraints and geographic diversification on SMEs' export growth

Pages 466-475

Mateja Bodlaj, Selma Kadic-Maglajlic, Irena Vida

Human resource management practices transferring from foreign firms to Russia: The case of MNCs subsidiaries

Pages 476-486

Marina Latukha, József Poór, Ekaterina Mitskevich, Dmitry Linge

Are consumers' minds or hearts guiding country of origin effects? Conditioning roles of need for cognition and need for affect

Pages 487-495

Adamantios Diamantopoulos, Maja Arslanagic-Kalajdzic, Nicole Moschik

Segmenting young-adult consumers in East Asia and Central and Eastern Europe – The role of consumer ethnocentrism and decision-making styles

Pages 496-507

Matevž Rašković, Zhonghui Ding, Morikazu Hirose, Vesna Žabkar, Kim-Shyan Fam

Regular papers

Working capital management: Financial and valuation impacts

Pages 1-8

Russell P. Boisjoly, Thomas E. Conine, Michael B. McDonald

Family member commitment, the opportunity costs of staying, and turnover intentions

Pages 9-19

Raj V. Mahto, Gautam Vora, William C. McDowell, Dmitry Khanin

Innovative sustainability and stakeholders’ shared understanding: The secret sauce to “performance with a purpose”

Pages 20-28

Michael T. Lee, Robyn L. Raschke

How can open innovation ecosystem modes push product innovation forward? An fsQCA analysis

Pages 29-41

Xuemei Xie, Hongwei Wang

Leadership and change mobilization: The mediating role of distributed leadership

Pages 42-51

Filomena Canterino, Stefano Cirella, Beatrice Piccoli, Abraham B. (Rami) Shani

Graphical abstract

Time to recover: The moderating role of psychological detachment in the link between perceptions of high-involvement work practices and burnout

Pages 52-61

Steven Kilroy, Janine Bosak, Patrick C. Flood, Riccardo Peccei

The more the better? Relational governance in platforms and the role of appropriability mechanisms

Pages 62-73

Qi Zhong, Yaowu Sun

The role of peer effects in firms’ usage of R&D tax exemptions

Pages 74-91

Stijn Kelchtermans, Daniel Neicu, Peter Teirlinck

Why is bribery pervasive among firms in sub-Saharan African countries? Multi-industry empirical evidence of organizational isomorphism

Pages 92-104

Nnaoke Ufere, James Gaskin, Sheri Perelli, Antoinette Somers, Richard Boland

International friendship cities, regional government leaders, and outward foreign direct investment from China

Pages 105-118

Yameng Zhang, Wu Zhan, Yekun Xu, Vikas Kumar

Knowledge, robots and productivity in SMEs: Explaining the second digital wave

Pages 119-131

María Teresa Ballestar, Ángel Díaz-Chao, Jorge Sainz, Joan Torrent-Sellens

The impact of cross-delisting from the U.S. On firms’ financial constraints

Pages 132-146

Gilberto Loureiro, Sónia Silva

Assessing the impact of big data on firm innovation performance: Big data is not always better data

Pages 147-162

Maryam Ghasemaghaei, Goran Calic

Tourists’ experiential value co-creation through online social contacts: Customer-dominant logic perspective

Pages 163-173

Daisy X.F. Fan, Cathy H.C. Hsu, Bingna Lin

What type of CSR engagement suits my firm best? Evidence from an abductively-derived typology

Pages 174-187

Charalampos Saridakis, Sofia Angelidou, Arch G. Woodside

Subsidiary roles and dual knowledge flows between MNE subsidiaries and headquarters: The moderating effects of organizational governance types

Pages 188-200

Jeoung Yul Lee, Alfredo Jiménez, Krishna Raj Bhandari

Does the global vs. local scope matter? Contingencies of cause-related marketing in a developed market

Pages 201-212

Shuqin Wei, Tyson Ang, Ru-Shiun Liou

Passion transfer across national borders

Pages 213-231

Shige Makino, Caleb H. Tse, Stella Yiyan Li, Megan Yuan Li

A bibliometric analysis of board diversity: Current status, development, and future research directions

Pages 232-246

H. Kent Baker, Nitesh Pandey, Satish Kumar, Arunima Haldar

The effect of the synchrony experience on product evaluation

Pages 247-258

Xiaoyin Ye, Zhaoyang Guo, Jun Ye

Entrepreneurship within the history of marketing

Pages 259-267

Chase J. Edwards, Joshua S. Bendickson, Brent L. Baker, Shelby J. Solomon

The coincidence of private branding and foreign sourcing: Is there a causality direction?

Pages 268-276

Shih-Fen S. Chen, Chya-Yi E. Liaw

Formal versus informal entrepreneurship in emerging economies: The roles of governance and the financial sector

Pages 277-290

Anis Omri

Corporate governance and earnings management in concentrated markets

Pages 291-306

Malek El Diri, Costas Lambrinoudakis, Mohammad Alhadab

How recipient group membership affects the effect of power states on prosocial behaviors

Pages 307-315

Fei Jin, Huawei Zhu, Ping Tu

The effect of social cohesion and social networks on perceptions of food availability among low-income consumers

Pages 316-323

Priyanka Jayashankar, Sekar Raju

Exploring the exporting-downsizing link: Does the type of export strategy and firm efficiency in foreign markets matter?

Pages 324-336

Irene Campos-García, Fernando Muñoz-Bullón, Maria J. Sanchez-Bueno, José Angel Zúñiga-Vicente

Internationalization of SMEs from emerging markets: An institutional escape perspective

Pages 337-350

Bing Wu, Ping Deng

STIRPAT for marketing: An introduction, expansion, and suggestions for future use

Pages 351-361

William E. Kilbourne, Anastasia Thyroff

Motivational analyses of the relationship between negative affectivity and workplace helping behaviors: A Conservation of Resources perspective

Pages 362-374

Yongmei Liu, Hongwei He, Weichun Zhu

The moderating role of personal cultural values on consumer ethnocentrism in developing countries: The case of Brazil and Russia

Pages 375-389

Jieqiong Ma, Jie Yang, Boonghee Yoo

The heterogeneity of shoppers’ supermarket behaviors based on the use of carrying equipment

Pages 390-400

Nils Magne Larsen, Valdimar Sigurdsson, Jørgen Breivik, Jacob Lund Orquin

Approacher be-wear? Increasing shopper approach intentions through employee apparel

Pages 401-416

Christian Barney, Carol L. Esmark Jones, Adam Farmer


Corrigendum to “Qualitative analysis with structural associations” [J. Bus. Res. 69(11) (2016), 5187–5191]

Page 508

K.-H. Huarng

Corrigendum to “Institutional and economic drivers of entrepreneurship: An international perspective” [J. Bus. Res. 67(5) (2014) 715–721]

Page 509

Virginia Simón-Moya, Lorenzo Revuelto-Taboada, Rafael Fernández Guerrero

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