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Call for Papers

for a Special Issue of

Asian Business & Management:


Disruptive Technologies and Asian Business Management


Submission deadline: 29 February 2020


Guest Editors

Jae Hoon Hyun, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Chie Iguchi, Keio University

Pavida Pananond, Thammasat University

Markus Taube, University of Duisburg-Essen

The recent emergence of disruptive and innovative technologies, such as AI, big data, virtual and augmented reality, additive manufacturing, IoT, and blockchain, etc. has challenged the paradigm of conventional technological development. These technologies have become catalysts for innovations in many business sectors by creating new business models and/or innovating management practices (Cozzolino et al., 2018; Müller and Hundahl, 2018; Schulte, 2016). The history of previous industrial revolutions teaches us that the emergence of new technologies disrupts the incumbent by introducing previously unseen innovation which leads to new opportunities for businesses (Brondoni et al. 2018; Yoon et al. 2018). While these new technologies present unprecedented possibilities for businesses, their disruptive nature and the ensuing changes pose tremendous challenges on the adaptive capacity of individuals, firms, institutions and the society at large (Roblek et al., 2016; Liao et al., 2017; Lu, 2017).


This special issue tackles the emergence of disruptive technologies and their impact on the business and operations in the Asian context. Digital transformation, along with application of disruptive technologies, is likely to significantly alter existing and new Asian businesses and management practices across firms and industries, from manufacturing to service sectors, and from suppliers to customers.


This special issue seeks to find new insights over future industrial contours in Asian business and management derived by disruptive technologies and to learn from these developments to grasp its meaning for global business. We welcome original manuscripts on broad topics relevant to corporate innovation and disruptive technologies in an Asian business and management context not limited to the following:


·      Current technological advancements and how firms in Asia adopt them to capture business opportunities and to cope with challenges.

·      Difference in the nature of disruptive technology-driven innovation and conventional innovation.

·      Impact on existing and emerging business models, strategies, and organizational structures.

·      Digital disruption in business processes.

·      Modes of solutions or alternative approaches to innovation in the face of blurring techno-human interfaces (such as design thinking).

·      The impacts of disruptive technologies on functional level management practices such as manufacturing, supply chain, HRM, etc.

·      The impacts of disruptive technologies on trade and investment flows.

·      Practices and measurement of entrepreneurship aggressively adopting disruptive technologies.



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Yoon, S., Thin, N., Thanh, I., Eun Tak, Gim, G. (2018). A study on success factors for business model innovation in the 4th industrial revolution, SERA2018: Software engineering research, management and applications, 105-127.


Submission Process

To be considered for the special issue, final manuscripts must be submitted by 29 February 2020 via The submission system will be open from 1 September 2019. To ensure that all manuscripts are correctly identified as being submitted for this special issue, please select ‘SI: Disruptive Technologies’ when you reach the “Article Type” step in the online submission process. Authors should prepare their manuscript according to the guidelines of Asian Business & Management, see:

Submitted papers will be reviewed through a double-blind peer review process. We welcome your submissions.


For inquiries, please contact Prof. Jae Hoon Hyun at [log in to unmask] .


Jae Hoon (Jay) Hyun

PhD/CISA/CPIM/PMP, Professor

Faculty of Global Business & Technology

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

+82 31 330 4521 

+82 10 9705 2855

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