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We are pleased to announce that Applied Psychology: An International Review has just published a special issue on Why, When and for Whom are Job Resources Beneficial? with Free Access for the whole of next year. 

Enjoy reading the articles on one of the most exciting topics in applied psychology: job resources!

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Applied Psychology: An International Review Special Issue:Why, When and for Whom are Job Resources Beneficial?

Table of Contents

Ute Stephan

Special Issue

Challenging the Universality of Job Resources: Why, When, and For Whom Are They Beneficial?

Marc Van Veldhoven Anja Van den Broeck Kevin Daniels Arnold B. Bakker Susana M. Tavares Chidiebere Ogbonnaya

The Changing Value of Skill Utilisation: Interactions with Job Demands on Job Satisfaction and Absenteeism

Karyn L. Wang Anya Johnson Helena Nguyen Robyn E. Goodwin Markus Groth

The Interplay of Low Identification, Psychological Detachment, and Cynicism for Predicting Counterproductive Work Behaviour

Jiajin Tong SinHui Chong Jiayu Chen Russell E. Johnson Xiaopeng Ren

How and for Whom Time Control Matter for Innovation? The Role of Positive Affect and Problem‐Solving Demands

Hector P. Madrid Malcolm G. Patterson

“What a Match!”: The Specific Role of Resources in the Relation Between Demands and Vigour in Elite Sport

Yannick A. Balk Jan De Jonge Wido G.M. Oerlemans Sabine A.E. Geurts

Mindful Emotion Regulation, Savouring and Proactive Behaviour: The Role of Supervisor Justice

Agustin Molina Deirdre O'Shea

Culture, Burnout, and Engagement: A Meta‐Analysis on National Cultural Values as Moderators in JD‐R Theory

Lucy T.B. Rattrie Markus G. Kittler Karsten I. Paul

Tomoki Sekiguchi, Ph.D.

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