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When a manuscript is submitted to *Academy of Management Journal (*AMJ*)*,
editors and reviewers frequently ask: *Does the study define a new
conversation (theory/lens/paradigm) or divert an existing conversation into
a meaningfully different area? *Conversations about management and
organizations are regularly taking place outside the field of management
and its journals as well. Those outside of our field and academic halls may
conceptualize organizations and management differently, emphasize
organizational and managerial characteristics that are relevant to them,
and focus on problems that have not received attention in our studies.

The objective of this Special Research Forum (SRF) is to encourage AMJ
authors to join conversations on management and organizations that are
taking place in societies around the world. Specifically, we would like to
publish a collection of outstanding empirical studies that (1) contribute
to the solutions of contemporary managerial and organizational problems and
(2) introduce topics to AMJ readers that are seen as important outside of
our field but are understudied by management scholars. Examples of such
topics include the effects of caste systems on employment, discrimination,
socioeconomic status and class in organizations, sexual harassment,
diversity and inclusion in the workplace, organizational values, labor
strikes, artificial intelligence, global health inequities, the movement of
workforce across borders, bribery, political influence, private politics,
transnational organizations, interconnected economic systems, and the
organizational implications of national conflicts, wars, and international
trade agreements and sanctions.

Consistent with AMJ’s mission, we seek to publish original, insightful,
interesting, important, and theoretically bold studies that employ
qualitative, quantitative, field, laboratory, meta-analytic, mixed, or
other empirical methods. In addition to making strong empirical and
theoretical contributions, submissions to the SRF are expected to explain
how practitioners may help solve problems related to the research. In other
words, authors are asked to shift their discussions from the traditional
practical implications of their studies to proposing solutions to the
underlying problems.

It is our hope that this SRF will attract research that goes beyond
interestingness and takes on the difficult task of settling current debates
in the society by developing new theories, applying existing theories to
new problems, collecting and analyzing relevant data, and reporting
credible findings.


*Submissions are due between November 1 and November 30, 2020*.
Contributors should follow the directions for manuscript submission
described in “Information for Contributors” in the front of each issue of
AMJ and on AMJ's Contributor Information Page:

Submitted manuscripts will be handled by the incoming editorial team of
AMJ. The members of the team are:

Laszlo Tihanyi (Editor elect); Katherine DeCelles and Jennifer
Howard-Grenville (Deputy Editors); and Andrew Carton, Amanda Cowen, Ilya
Cuypers, Luis Diestre, Lindred Greer, Denis Grégoire, Ivona Hideg, Bart de
Jong, Andrew Knight, Cindy Muir (Zapata), Andrew Nelson, Floor Rink,
Matthew Semadeni, Marco Tortoriello, Elizabeth Umphress, Gurneeta Vasudeva,
Heather Vough, Ingo Weller, Daphne W. Yiu, and Tammar B. Zilber (Associate

For queries about the submission process, please contact AMJ's Senior
Managing Editor, Michael Malgrande, at [log in to unmask]

Gurneeta Vasudeva Singh
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Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship
Carlson School of Management, 3-365
University of Minnesota
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