Dear colleagues

As a continuation of this year's Academy of Management's theme, *Human
Resource Management *(*HRM*) is pleased to announce a virtual issue on
Inclusion, Diversity, and Discrimination. This is the first issue in an
ongoing series of virtual issues that curate recent articles published in
*HRM* on topics that are not only salient to the practice of Human Resource
Management, but also relevant across disciplines. In this issue, some of
these articles examine inclusion, diversity, and discrimination in a broad
sense, while others focus on specific aspects (e.g., religion,
disabilities, age, sex, gender, etc.). Access to these articles is free
until the end of the year. We hope you find this research enlightening.

Articles Included:

Lee, H. W., & Kim, E. (in press). Workforce diversity and firm performance:
Relational coordination as a mediator and structural empowerment and
multisource feedback as moderators. *Human Resource Management*.

Héliot, Y., Gleibs, I. H., Coyle, A., Rousseau, D. M., & Rojon, C. (in
press). Religious identity in the workplace: A systematic review, research
agenda, and practical implications. *Human Resource Management*.

Li, Y., Perera, S., Kulik, C. T., & Metz, I. (2019). Inclusion climate: A
multilevel investigation of its antecedents and consequences. *Human
Resource Management*, *58*(4), 353-369.

Jiraporn, P., Potosky, D., & Lee, S. M. (2019). Corporate governance and
lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender‐supportive human resource policies
from corporate social responsibility, resource‐based, and agency
perspectives. *Human Resource Management*, *58*(3), 317-336.

Beatty, J. E., Baldridge, D. C., Boehm, S. A., Kulkarni, M., & Colella, A.
J. (2019). On the treatment of persons with disabilities in organizations:
A review and research agenda. *Human Resource Management*, *58*(2), 119-137.

Bader, A. K., Kemper, L. E., & Froese, F. J. (2019). Who promotes a
value‐in‐diversity perspective? A fuzzy set analysis of executives’
individual and organizational characteristics. *Human Resource Management*,
*58*(2), 203-217.

Zhu, X., Law, K. S., Sun, C., & Yang, D. (2019). Thriving of employees with
disabilities: The roles of job self‐efficacy, inclusion, and team‐learning
climate. *Human Resource Management*, *58*(1), 21-34.

Kossek, E. E., & Buzzanell, P. M. (2018). Women's career equality and
leadership in organizations: Creating an evidence‐based positive change. *Human
Resource Management*, *57*(4), 813-822.

Gould, J. A., Kulik, C. T., & Sardeshmukh, S. R. (2018). Trickle‐down
effect: The impact of female board members on executive gender
diversity. *Human
Resource Management*, *57*(4), 931-945.

Triana, M. D. C., Trzebiatowski, T., & Byun, S. Y. (2017). Lowering the
threshold for feeling mistreated: Perceived overqualification moderates the
effects of perceived age discrimination on job withdrawal and somatic
symptoms. *Human Resource Management*, *56*(6), 979-994.

Jiang, K., Hu, J. I. A., Liu, S., & Lepak, D. P. (2017). Understanding
employees’ perceptions of human resource practices: Effects of demographic
dissimilarity to managers and coworkers. *Human Resource Management*, *56*(1),

Fang Lee Cooke

Associate Editor, *Human resource Management*

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