Asian Business & Management
Volume 18, Issue 5, November 2019
Special Issue: Identity of Asian Multinational Corporations: influence of tax havens
Issue Editors:

Vijay Pereira<>, Yama Temouri<>, Chris Jones<>, Ashish Malik<>

In this issue (4 articles)
1.     Editorial
Identity of Asian Multinational Corporations: influence of tax havens<>
Vijay Pereira<>, Yama Temouri<>, Chris Jones<>, Ashish Malik<>Pages 325-336
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2.     Perspective
How does the routing of FDI to and via tax havens confound our understanding of Chinese MNE identity? A critical review of the empirical literature on Chinese MNEs<>
Dylan Sutherland<>, Jean-Francois Hennart<>, John R. Anderson<>Pages 337-359
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3.     Original Article
Corporate investments in tax havens: evidence from India<>
K. V. Mukundhan<>, Sreevas Sahasranamam<>, James J. Cordeiro<>Pages 360-388
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4.     Original Article
The role of tax havens and offshore financial centers in Asia-Pacific networks: evidence from firm-subsidiary connections<>
Kirsten Martinus<>, Thomas Sigler<>, Iacopo Iacopini<>...Pages 389-411
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