Dear AIB Members,

*20th International Business Summit and Research Conference*

*INBUSH -2020(International Business Horizon)*


*The Challenge of Change: Strategies for Managing Business in Technology
Driven Societies*

* (February 19, 2020)*

*Submission of Abstract        :
30th November 2019*

*Submission Deadline of Full Length Paper*:          *15th January 2020*

*Last date of Registration:
31st January 2020*

In accordance with our sincere endeavor to research and advocate best
practices in all spheres of management, we, at Amity International Business
School, Amity University, Noida, India believe that our 20th International
Business Summit and Research Conference INBUSH (International Business
Horizon) 2020 is the best platform to explore, deliberate, discuss and
analyze critical issues and recommend the best strategy to move forward to
ensure success along with contentment and happiness.

AIBS is one of the flagship institutions of Amity University, which is
India's Top Ranked Pvt. University and is ranked among Top 20 Excellent
B-schools by Edu-universal, a French consulting company and a rating agency
specialized in Higher Education.


·       Participation of over 500 experts including renowned academicians,
corporates, policy makers, ambassadors and strategists from over 40

·       Insightful Panel Discussions

·       Research Paper Presentations

·       Case Study Competitions

·       Soul Stirring cultural evenings

This event will indeed be incomplete without the participation of all our
distinguished friends, mentors and members of our Amity Family; and we look
forward to welcoming all in our journey of enlightenment.

*As part of the Conference we are inviting empirical & conceptual research
papers, full-length papers, research-in-progress papers, Dissertations,
Review papers, case studies and/or extended abstracts, theoretical studies,
innovative methodologies in the field of Management. *

*Selected papers will be considered for publication in:*

*Edited Books:*

*Integrating New Technologies in International Business: Opportunities and
Challenges – **Publish by Taylor and Francis*

*Internet of Things: Principles and Applications- **Publish by Anthem
Press- UK*

*US China Trade War Implications on Global Economy**- Lambert Academic

*Scopus Journal*

*Australasian Accounting Business and Finance Journal------Special Issue on
Women in Business*

*Amity Journals *

   - *Amity Global Business Review*
   ISSN : 0975 - 511X
   *Indexed in EBSCO Host , Cabell’s Directory *
   - *Amity Global HRM Review*
   ISSN: 2250-060X
   *Indexed in EBSCO Host*

·      *Amity Case Research Journal *

ISSN: 2319-9199

*International, Peer Reviewed, Indexed Journals of Amity International
Business School, Scopus Journals and also Edited Book with an ISBN Number
are associated with the conference.*

*(Conference Papers are subjected to undergo review process and revisions)*


*International Business*

•       Implications of Technological Disruption

•       Technology and the War for Talent

•       Impact of New Technologies on Business

•       Artificial Intelligence and its impact on Business

•       Managing Global Competitiveness using Technology

•       Impact of new technology on Global Labour Markets

•       Blockchain in International Business

•       IoT and Smart Cities

•       IoT Strategies and Business models

•       Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

•       AR (Augmented Reality) in product design and manufacturing

•       AR (Augmented Reality) and Training

•       Use of AR (Augmented Reality) in sales and marketing

•       Smart Manufacturing

•       Crypto currency

•       Strategies of Emerging Countries in the era of New Technology

•       The roadmap to thriving in the new skills economy

•       Future of Mobile Apps

•       Social Media – A Powerful Tool

•       Big Data Powers Organizations

•       Integration of Technology in HR Practices

•       Skill set for Industry 4.0

•       Managing Virtual Teams and Environments for Innovation.

•       Innovation in Business

•       Effects of Shifts in Globalization on Emerging Economies

•       Smart Global Supply Chain Management

•       Corporate Governance in the New Global Technology Driven Economy

•       E-Business and Mobile Commerce

•       Big Data Analytics

•       Business and Data Analytics

•       Business Intelligence Tools & Applications

•       Cyber Defense & Information Technology

•       Cloud Computing

•       Data & Intelligent System Modeling

•       Digital Marketing & Internet marketing

•       Smart Connected Products

•       Impact of Technology on Financial decisions

•       Finance and Risk Management with respect to using new technology

•       Digital Transformation and Financial Services

•       Banking services in the digital era

•       Virtual Reality


•       Strategic Marketing & Planning

•       Product Portfolio Management

•       Consumerization Vs Customization

•       Strategic Branding in Global Market Place

•       Market Logistics and its importance

•       Managing the Supply Chain

•       Corporate Communication – Role in Marketing

•       Ethics & Social Responsibility in Marketing

•       Industrial Marketing

•       Marketing across the Borders

•       “Sensory Branding” - Importance in Marketing

•       Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

•       Service Marketing: Importance of Innovations

*Human Resource Management*

•       HRM and the business environment

•       Organizational Change and Development

•       Learning and Development

•       Digital HR

•       Strategic HRM

•       Industrial Relations & Legal HRM

•       Employee Turnover & Attrition

•       Strategic Training & Development

•       Performance Management

•       Transformation HR

•       Employee Engagement

•       Talent Management

•       Leadership Development

•       e- recruitment

*Entrepreneurship Management*

•       Innovation at grassroot level

•       Out-of-box innovation

•       Inside-the-box innovation

•       Breakthrough Innovation

•       Reverse Innovation

•       Managing Innovation process

•       Innovation trends

•       No-Money Marketing strategies

•       Opportunity Recognition

•       Innovation Tools

•       Family Business Management

•       Lean Startups

•       Financing Inventions

•       Financing entrepreneurship ventures

•       Attracting Talent in lean startups

•       Creative thinking

•       Market segmentation for a lean startup

•       Financial intelligence for entrepreneurs

•       Money Management for entrepreneurs

*Financial Management*

•       Finance & Accounting

•       International Finance & Trade

•       Merger & Acquisitions

•       Derivatives Market

•       Banking & Insurance

•       Mutual Funds

•       Money Management

•       Return on Marketing Investments

•       Trends in Consumer Finance Industries

*Information Technology *

•       Business Strategy and Information Technology

•       Management Information System

•       Information Systems Planning and Management

•       The Application of Information Technology

•       Internet Technology

•       Computer Simulation

•       Programming Languages

•       Ecommerce and E-Government

•       Information Technology Management

•       Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing

•       Information Economics and Management

•       Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

•       Communications and Networking

•       Computational Science and Technology

•       Data Mining, Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery

•       Energy System and Engineering

•       Grid-computing, Supercomputing and Cloud-computing

•       Hardware and Software Co-design

•       Health and Medical Science and Technology

•       Human-Computer Interaction

•       Image and Signal Processing

•       Intelligent Robotics and Autonomous Agents

•       Modeling and Simulation

•       Pattern Recognition and Information Retrieval

•       Decision Analysis and Methods

•       Productivity

•       E-learning

•       E-Business and E-Commerce

•        IoT Enabling Technologies

•        IoT in healthcare

•       IoT in Process Manufacturing

•       IoT in Logistics

•        IoT and Energy Management

•       IoT in Retail

•       IoT in Home Automation

•       Smart Cities with IoT

•       IoT in Agriculture

•       IoT and Project Management

•       IoT for Environment Monitoring

•       IoT Privacy and Security

*Family Business Management*

•       Family Business Governance

•       Family Business in Emerging, Developing, and Transition Economies

•       Family business goals

•       Family dynamics

•       Behavioral processes and innovation in family firms

•       Co-operation among family businesses

•       Collective bargaining issues

•       Small family business

•       Family-based social entrepreneurship

•       Acquired and tacit knowledge in family-based business operations

•       Relationships, succession and transition issues

•       Transgenerational entrepreneurship practices

•       Women in business and regional development

•       Leadership issues, family business and corporate governance

•       Technological changes

•       Role and relevance of professional managers

•       Internal and external challenges

•       Commonalities and complementarities in managing family business
across nations

*Corporate Governance and CSR*

•       Corporate ownership structures

•       Corporate restructuring

•       Minority-majority shareholder conflict

•       Investor/creditor protection

•       Managerial behaviour, managerial entrenchment

•       Incentive structures, executive compensation plans

•       Agency issues

•       Corporate contracting

•       Business and financial ethics

•       Corporate social responsibility

•       Corporate law and securities law,

•       Financial (de)regulation

•       Insider trading, conflicts of interests

•       Institutional investor behaviour

•       Financial reporting,

•       Disclosure, transparency

•       Information asymmetry

•       (Hostile) takeovers

•       Market for corporate control/defences

•       Effective boardroom performance

•       The growing importance of governance in the wake of ever-greater
corporate scandals

•       Redefinitions and reassessments of corporate governance models

•       The role of business in society

•       The changing nature of the relationship and responsibilities of the
firm towards various stakeholders

•       The role and impact of local and international regulatory agencies
and regimes on corporate behaviour.

*Supply Chain Management*

•       Capacity planning and control

•       E-business and operations

•       Global operations management

•       Human resource management in operations

•       Information and knowledge management

•       Lean/agile operations

•       Logistics, order fulfilment and distribution

•       Management of technology for operations

•       Managing technological/organizational change

•       Mass customization

•       Materials and inventory management

•       New product and service design/development

•       Operations planning, scheduling and control

•       Operations strategy

•       Performance measurement and management

•       Plant location, design and layout

•       Project management in operations

•       Quality management in operations

•       Role of operations in sustainability

•       Supplier/customer relationship management

•       Supply chain management

*Cross Cultural Management*

•       Strategic issues facing emerging markets of the global economy

•       Global strategic management, MNE strategy, and structure

•       Management of the MNE, its subsidiaries, and inter-firm networks

•       Institutional strategies and the political environment

•       International technology transfer, R&D and innovation

•       Innovation in the international context

•       Comparative and international entrepreneurship

•       Public administration as it relates to and affects international
business and global management

•       Corporate governance and social issues of the firm in the global

•       Global talent management

•       International human resource management

•       Management of multicultural teams

•       Cross-cultural communication

•       Work motivation and leadership

•       Inter- and intra-organizational group, teamwork and negotiation

•       Conflict resolution in the international setting

•       Cultural and individual ethics and values

•       Intra-national diversity issues

•       Research methods in international management

*Quality Management*

•       Service Quality.

•       Qualitative and quantitative analyses

•       Total quality management/quality management

•       Sustainable TQM practices

•       Advanced and sustainable quality management models and approaches

•       Total quality environment management

•       Application of advanced quality management tools and techniques

•       Quality management systems

•       Quality awards and models

•       Quality improvement strategies/standards

•       Green quality culture, QFD, DOE, Fuzzy ANP etc.

•       Benchmarking the best practices

•       Leadership and management issues in achieving quality and innovation

•       The relationship between quality management and other disciplines
such as organizational performance, quality performance, customer
satisfaction, innovation etc.

•       Quality management in service industries

•       Data mining applications and analysis

•       Failure mode and effect analysis

*Researchers are also encouraged to present Research Papers/ Case Studies
in any other area of Management and not necessarily restrict themselves to
the sub themes of the conference.*


   - Paper submitted should be an original and unpublished work. Any paper
   submitted which is identical or substantially similar work already
   published or under review for another conference or publication, will not
   be considered.
   - A covering letter clearly certifying that the manuscript is original
   and has neither been published anywhere nor is at present being considered
   for any other publication should accompany the manuscript.
   - The Review Committee will screen the abstract(s). The abstract(s)
   approved by the committee will be selected for the submission of the full
   length paper for the conference. All the author(s) of the accepted papers
   will be intimated accordingly.
   - First page of the manuscript should have the broad theme, title of the
   paper, name of the author(s), organization’s affiliation, complete postal
   address, phone number, fax number(if any) and e-mail address followed by
   abstract and full paper. Kindly do not mention author(s) name, affiliation
   or any other such information inside the manuscript.
   - Recommended length of the research paper should be between 4000-6000
   words. Font used should be Times New Roman with font size 12 and double
   - Tables, illustrations, charts, figures etc. should be serially
   numbered and duly acknowledged. Sources of the data need to be given below
   each table.
   - First level subheading should be left-justified, in upper and
   lower case, and printed in 14-point Times New Roman, boldface; second level
   subheadings should be left –justified, in upper and lower case, in 12-point
   Times New Roman boldface. The paragraph begins right after the sub-heading.
   Headings and sub-headings will not carry any numbering.
   - References should be complete in all respects, with authors’ surnames
   arranged alphabetically, following conventional citation styles. Authors
   are requested to follow the APA Style.
   - Multiple authors, if attending the conference, will have to register
   separately to be entitled for the conference certificate (Authors who do
   not register will not be entitled for the conference certificate). Authors,
   who are keen to present more than one paper, will have to register for both
   - The author(s) must register themselves for the conference latest by 31
   st January*2020 * to ensure the inclusion of the paper in the conference
   proceedings. Without registration, paper will not be included in the
   conference proceedings.

*In-absentia and skype presentation*

*Participation is also solicited for in-absentia and skype presentation.*

*You are also welcomed to volunteer to participate as session chairs,
reviewers and members of the program committee*.

*Awards and Certificates*:

*Best Paper Award* will be conferred by the Program Committee. *Certificate
of presentation* will be issued to participants presenting their research
at the conference.

*Certificate of chairing* *a session* will be issued to
chairs acknowledging their contribution in the conference.

*Registration Fees*


*Registration Fees *

*National (Rs)*





125 USD



100 USD

Research Scholar


50 USD



25 USD


Industry and Academician


50 USD

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50 USD



30 USD

   - Author means "One whose paper is either accepted or accepted and
   - Delegate means "One who is attending the conference but not submitted
   the paper"

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*Registration Fee Includes:*

   - Registration Kit, Tea/Coffee, Lunch, E-Proceedings (only for Authors)


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Prof (Dr) Gurinder Singh, Group Vice Chancellor, Amity Universities

Prof Bhawna Kumar, Vice President, RBEF

Dr Alka Maurya, Amity International Business School

Dr Loveleen Gaur, Amity International Business School


Dr Seema Garg, Amity International Business School

Dr Priyanka Malik, Amity International Business School

Dr Ajay Sidhana, Amity International Business School

Dr Monika Sharma, Amity International Business School

Dr. Alka Maurya
Associate Professor - International Business
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