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AIB 2020 Annual Meeting
Miami, Florida, USA
July 2-6, 2020

Special Track on Teaching and Education

Track co-chairs:

Daria Panina, Texas A&M University

Maria Alejandra Gonzalez Perez, Universidad EAFIT



Deadline: Friday, December 2nd, 2019

The main objectives of this track are facilitating development and sharing of best teaching practices, providing a forum for teaching-related knowledge sharing, and promoting research on teaching and education that showcases the importance of IB courses in business school curricula. This track addresses IB teaching at every level: undergraduate, graduate, MBA, and executive and covers all aspects of teaching IB, including student engagement, motivation, learning outcomes, and classroom diversity. Specifically, it focuses on the use of different tools and pedagogies such as experiential learning, cases, simulations, role-play, and various forms of multimedia to enhance IB teaching. To this end, this track invites submissions of scholarly papers, interactive session proposals and panels that stimulate teaching innovation and promote best practices in IB teaching.

This track invites submissions in the following areas:

1. Developing an IB Curriculum in Higher Education
The submissions will explore action-oriented recommendations for enhancing our higher education curriculum and instructional effectiveness at various levels (undergraduate, graduate, executive education, etc.).
2. Integrating Technology in Classroom Teaching
The submissions in this category will focus on the use of multimedia in teaching IB and will focus on the discussion of exercises, activities, and resources available on the Internet that can be used for enhanced delivery of IB topics and for introducing interactivity into the classroom.

                 We also invite submissions focusing on the use of simulations to teach IB and a discussion of the use of such simulations as a pedagogical tool in teaching international business and related topics.
3. Role-Playing Exercises for Teaching IB
Learning by doing is a powerful way to make abstract concepts more accessible to less experienced students. The submissions in this category will focus on more traditional role-playing exercises which do not involve intensive use of technology.

4. Case teaching

Case method was proven to be an indispensable way of teaching a wide variety of IB topics. The submissions in this category will focus on a valuable skill of teaching IB with cases and focus on the variety of practical issues IB professors face, such as how enhance the participation of students in class discussions, how to grade student in-class performance, how to lead case discussions without suggesting the ‘right’ answers to the students, and many others.
5. Experiential learning. Submissions in this category will focus on variety of experiential activities that enhance IB learning and include, but are not limited to international experiences, such as study abroad programs, international internships and service projects abroad, as well as the use of virtual teams in IB education.

6. Cross-cultural classrooms. Submissions in this category will focus on the changing landscape in the classroom. As our student body becomes increasingly diverse IB professors have to address multiple issues related to teaching students that come from different cultural, religious and national backgrounds and utilizing classroom diversity as a tool in cross-cultural learning for all students. 

7. Future of IB education. Submissions in this category will focus on the broader topic of IB education, its trends, challenges and future avenues for development.

8. Skills and competencies for teaching IB. We also invite submissions dedicated to professional development of our members and invite a wide variety of submissions, especially interactive sessions and panel discussions aimed at developing new teaching skills and approaches.

Interested participants should submit their papers and panel proposals through All submissions will go through a peer-review process to ensure relevance, quality, and impact.The submission deadline is December 2nd, 2019.


Submissions must be no longer than 12,000 words and should follow:

1)    AIB submission guidelines 

2)    In case of specific pedagogical topic to be addressed:

a.    Statement of impact and benefits for instructors and students

b.    Brief outline of subtopics to be covered in the presentation

c.     Directions on how participants can use the tool, including URLs for any website materials.

We are looking forward to your submissions and seeing you in Miami!

Best regards,

Daria Panina

Clinical Associate Professor of Management

Texas A&M University, USA

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Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez

Full Professor of Management
Universidad EAFIT, Colombia
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