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25 years ago Industry Canada published my edited book MULTINATIONALS IN NORTH AMERICA. The authors in the book read like a "who's who" of scholars working on multinationals, FDI and regional integration: Ray Vernon, John Dunning, Dick Lipsey, Ed Safarian, Alan Rugman, Bruce Kogut, Eleanor Westney, Bob Kudrle - and many, many others - they all had chapters in the book. After a few years, though, the book disappeared. All the copies were sold and it wasn't digitalized. When the US government decided to reopen the NAFTA, I went looking to see who held the book copyright. It took me 2 1/2 years but I'm delighted to say that, 25 years later, my MULTINATIONALS IN NORTH AMERICA book is now available from Routledge/Taylor & Francis at<>. There will be a digital version shortly too.

And - even better - the "icing on the cake" - all 13 books in the Industry Canada/Investment Canada book series are being republished in hard back and digital versions by Routledge/T&F also. It’s possible that you may have a chapter in one of these books too. Right now, the books are listed on individual pages at Routledge Revivals (google the book title and Routledge to find the book), but there will be a page with all the books listed together soon.

This is great day for Canadian - and for North American (Canada, US and Mexico) -- scholars and scholarship. Happy 25th anniversary! Lorraine Eden

The Investment Canada/Industry Canada Book Series

1. Foreign Investment, Technology and Economic Growth, Donald G. McFetridge ed., 1991.

2. Corporate Globalization Through Mergers and Acquisitions, L. Waverman ed., 1991.

3. Multinationals in North America, Lorraine Eden ed., 1994.

4. Canadian-Based Multinationals, Steven Globerman ed., 1994.

5. Corporate Decision-Making in Canada, Ronald J. Daniels and Randall Morck eds., 1995.

6. Implications of Knowledge-Based Growth for Micro-Economic Policies, Peter Howitt ed., 1996.

7. The Asia Pacific Region in the Global Economy: A Canadian Perspective, Richard G. Harris ed., 1996.

8. Financing Growth in Canada, Paul J.N. Halpern ed., 1997.

9. Competition Policy and Intellectual Property Rights in the Knowledge-Based Economy, Robert D. Anderson and Nancy T. Gallini eds., 1998.

10. Productivity Issues in Canada, Someshwar Rao and Andrew Sharpe eds., 2002.

11. North American Linkages: Opportunities and Challenges for Canada, Richard G. Harris ed., 2003.

12. Social and Labour Aspects of North American Linkages, Richard G. Harris and Thomas Lemieux eds., 2005.

13. Services Industries and the Knowledge-based Economy, Richard G. Lipsey and Alice Nakamura eds., 2006.

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