As part of the USDA Farm Bill there are cost shares, money that can be reimbursed to farmers for certain processes. The Organic Cost share is to reimburse farmers who have received their USDA organic certification this year. You can be reimbursed for EACH certification you received. For example. if you have poultry and vegetables and they both are certified-under two separate certifications, then you can complete forms to be reimbursed for both.  This application is due by Oct 20, 2019. You must have your most recent organic certificate with you to apply

You can claim the expenses for the actual certification process up to $750, or 75% of the cost for each certificate.  Here are the forms, I strongly suggest you look them over before you go and then go in person to your local FSA office. Use this link to find the office within your county.  You may like to call them first to be sure of their hours and availability. Here is the link to look up your local FSA office, its usually connected to the NRCS soil conservation district office. But you should check;

Here is what you need to complete the cost share. Bring this with you to the FSA office

  *   Your organic certificate(s) bring all from the most recent.
  *   Itemized receipts with all expenses that you want to claim (of those that are related to organic certification for that year).
  *   Your check book so you can get your bank’s routing number and your account number for deposit of the cost share $.
  *   Your SS number or ID number for your farm.

Then complete the forms that are attached:, If you are a first timer then you will need to complete all of the forms attached. If you have received cost share in the past, either organic NOP or other with EQIP programs, then you only have to complete form CCO-884

CCO-884 (all must complete this one)

AD-2047 If never completed before for FSA office (USDA cost shares or other payments)

CCC-901 If never completed before for FSA office (USDA cost shares or other payments)

SF-3881 if never completed before for FSA office (USDA cost shares or other payments)

All the best and wishing you all a safe and productive harvest


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