Dear Geoscience Education Research Community,

I have two funded graduate research assistants positions available, starting in Fall 2020. Do you know anyone who might be interested in getting at doctorate at the University of Maryland and working with the Science Learning Research Group (SLRG,  [] [] []) and me?

The students would be working with the SLRG team on the Model-Evidence Link Diagrams Project ( [] [] [] []), and their GRA duties would be associated with our investigations of students thinking, reasoning, and learning about important socio-scientific topics (e.g., availability of freshwater resources during the current climate crisis). Applicants interested in teaching and instruction promoting deeper epistemic cognition within the context of scientific thinking and learning, and also developing students' conceptual agency to solve local, regional, and global challenges (e.g., climate change), would be wonderful candidates. Interest in associated constructs such as motivation, affect, attitudes, and metacognition would also be a good match. 

Applications are due soon (Nov 27, 2019), so if you know of anyone, please reach out to them. All who have an interest should please contact me at  [mailto:[log in to unmask]] [mailto:[log in to unmask]][log in to unmask] [mailto:[log in to unmask]] (email) or 702-513-4415 (voice/text). Also, I would greatly appreciate if you could circulate this among your various networks.

More information about the University of Maryland's Human Development Program is found at  [] []. Applicants working with me would specifically apply to the Educational Psychology specialization.

Thanks so much for any help you can provide.


Doug Lombardi, Ph.D.
702-513-4415 (mobile phone preferred)