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Subject: Call for Papers: International Case Studies in the Management of Disasters


Call for Papers

International Case Studies in the Management of Disasters



Babu George, PhD, Fort Hays State University, USA

Qamaruddin Mahar, PhD, Isra University, Pakistan


Brief summary: This book will present a diverse range of case studies on how disasters, both natural and manmade, are managed in different parts of the world.


Subject / Topic Description: Disaster management has become a major topic of discussion, given the increasing incidents of different kinds of disasters around the world. Greater investments are made in disaster preparedness and in disaster recovery. Best practice case studies are especially being sought out by disaster management practitioners as well as scholarly researchers.


Full book description: According to the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, disaster refers to a serious disruption of the functioning of a community or a society at any scale due to hazardous events interacting with conditions of exposure, vulnerability and capacity, leading to one or more of the following: human, material, economic and environmental losses and impacts. The scholarly community has studied disasters from various perspectives and we now have a rich knowledge field of disaster management comprised of theories, models, and frameworks. However, what is less clear is how all these apply to specific disaster contexts. In this regard, situationally bound and nuance filled case studies, particularly those conducted in the aftermath of dealing with disasters, assume importance. There is a dearth of books meeting this need for the scholarly and practitioner communities.


Discipline, sub discipline, and keywords: Business, Economics, Environment, Ecology, Economics, Tourism, Geology, Culture, Disasters, Technology, Community Development, Policy, among others.


Interdisciplinarity: Disaster management, in its theory and practice, involves theoreticians and practitioners coming from different academic streams and professional practice areas. This includes sociologists, economics, psychologists, geologists, ecologists, technocrats, and business management consultants, among others. The editors are keen to support interdisciplinary research in disaster management, where this is relevant. The proposed book is going to be significantly interdisciplinary in nature, with management studies as the interlinking element.


Impact: Wherever appropriate, we are committed to helping scholars achieve real world impact with their work.  Thus, case studies with immediate practical applications are particularly welcome.


Tentative Table of contents:

The book will showcase 15 - 20 internationally sourced case studies on disaster management. There will be at least one case study related to a type of disaster. The case studies will comprehensively touch upon every aspect of the disaster management cycle. Both successful and failed disaster management practices are welcome.


The editors are seeking high-quality manuscripts on some of the below-mentioned themes from research scholars and disaster management practitioners from around the world.



Manuscript Submission Information


Abstract Submission: 15 December, 2019

Feedback on Abstract: Within 1 week of the submission of abstract

Full Paper Submission: 15 March, 2020

Decision of Acceptance: 30 April, 2020

Expected Date of Publication: Final quarter of 2020


Please make queries to the editors and submissions via email at


Babu George: [log in to unmask]

Qamaruddin Mahar: [log in to unmask]



Babu George

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