Three recent papers by IB scholars on the US-China trade relations contribute to the policy debate on the current trade war status. The three articles provide an excellent foundation for teaching and researching about 1. Intellectual Property evolution, 2. Chinese business and 3. China-US relations.


Brander, J. A., Cui, V., & Vertinsky, I. (2017). China and intellectual property rights: A challenge to the rule of law. Journal of International Business Studies48(7), 908-921.


Peng, M. W., Ahlstrom, D., Carraher, S. M., & Shi, W. S. (2017). History and the debate over intellectual property. Management and Organization Review13(1), 15-38.


Li, S., & Alon, I. (2019). China’s intellectual property rights provocation: A political economy view. Journal of International Business Policy, 1-13.


The IB field is poised to contribute to current policy debates, and can seeks to shape the response to contemporary policy challenges. 


Related media appearances include (Paul Jacob, former CEO of Qualcomm) (Dean Cheng, Heritage Foundation) (Mark Anderson, Strategic News Service)…




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