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Journal of Applied Management Theory and Research*:

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DescriptionThe *International Journal of Applied Management Theory and
Research (IJAMTR)* examines current best practices for managing businesses
and organizations, including implementing and accomplishing effective and
attainable goals, and methods for motivating employees to perform to the
highest standard. Covering a variety of theories as they apply to all
functional areas of business, including finance, marketing, human
resources, and operations, the journal illuminates management issues and
solves managerial problems. The journal also supports partnerships,
collaboration, and joint-research across borders.Topics Covered

   - Accounting
   - Business Strategy
   - Competitive Advantage
   - Corporate Social Responsibility
   - Decision Analysis
   - Decision-Making Tools
   - E-Business
   - Economics
   - Employee Relations
   - Entrepreneurship
   - Finance
   - Global Organizations
   - Human Resources Management
   - Information Systems
   - International Business
   - Leadership Styles
   - Management Consulting
   - Management Science
   - Marketing
   - Mathematical Modeling
   - Operations
   - Optimization and Modeling
   - Organizational Leadership
   - Product Development
   - Production
   - Social Networks
   - Statistics
   - Strategic Management
   - Supply Chain Management

Mission and ScopeThe mission of the *International Journal of Applied
Management Theory and Research (IJAMTR)* is to globally support new
management theory and practice through research and collaboration, as well
as increase the research outputs focused on developing and implementing
best strategies for the effective management of businesses and
organizations. The journal will work to overcome challenges of
irresponsible and unethical business practices, strategize means of
creating sustainable social, environmental, and economic value in business,
and initiate dialogue and debate among stakeholders on critical issues
related to effective leadership.


Bryan Christiansen

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