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Date: Wednesday, August 28, 2019 at 12:28 PM
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Subject: Winter Wolf Survey Technician Openings

Winter Wolf Survey Tech Positions

Position background:

Four field technicians are needed to survey wolves using noninvasive methods in the Superior National Forest, Minnesota from January 6 through the end of March, 2020.  Methods include ground tracking (using snowmobiles, snowshoes, and skis), camera trapping, howling, and collection of scat and other genetic material for individual wolf ID.

Preferred experience includes driving on snowy/icy roads (including unplowed roads), trailering snowmobiles, snowmobiling, animal tracking, camera trapping, orienteering, snowshoeing/cross country skiing, data processing.

It is extremely important the applicant be safety-conscious at all times.


On-site housing and $450 stipend per month is provided.  The work schedule is generally 6 days on / 1 day off (but can sometimes vary).

Minimum qualifications:

1. Required (sorry, no exceptions) completed Bachelor degree in wildlife, biology, ecology, zoology or a related field by the time the position begins.
2.  Great attention to detail, organizational skills and very clear handwriting.
3. Good references.
4. Outdoor and backcountry skills such as orienteering, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, backcountry skiing, excellent winter driving skills, trailering, animal tracking, etc.
5. Must be a US citizen with a social security number (and a US bank account is required for stipend processing).  Due to administrative constraints we are unable to consider international applicants.

To apply:

Please email these three items - 1) the completed application below, 2) your resume, and 3) transcript (unofficial is fine) to Dr. Shannon Barber-Meyer (supervisor for these positions) at [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>  Please completely fill out the application form itself (e.g., do not leave sections of the application form incomplete, please do not just reference your resume or other documents).

Last date to apply is September 25 but positions are likely to be filled as applications are received.  All hiring decisions will be made by the beginning of November at the latest.


1) If you are offered and accept the position, we expect you to fulfill the length of the position.  If you might potentially take another position that would cause you to leave this position early or need to start later than the start date, please do not accept the offer of this position.  We can only hire technicians that are able to commit for the entire duration.  Thank you for understanding.

2) If you anticipate an absence during the position (a wedding, conference, etc.) alert Dr. Barber-Meyer to that prior to being hired because it may change whether or not we can hire you.  In some cases we are able to accommodate an absence depending on timing and length but in other cases we cannot.  Thank you for understanding.

Application form – Winter Wolf Survey Volunteer Technician
USGS Minnesota Wolf and Deer Project, Ely, MN

Please email the three following items to apply: 1) the completed application below, 2) your resume, and 3) transcript (unofficial is fine) to Dr. Shannon Barber-Meyer at [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>

Applicant info:

Name -

Email -

Phone -

Degree date -
University -
Major / minor –

Do you have a valid U.S. state driver’s license?

List CPR, First Aid, and/or Wilderness First Responder certifications and dates of expiration:

Please describe your experience with the following:
Winter field work -

Driving 4x4 trucks on snowy/icy roads including unplowed roads -

Snowmobiling -

Trailering (snowmobiles, ATV’s, boats, etc.) -

Animal tracking (following and identifying tracks, especially large canids) -

Camera trapping -

Accurately, neatly, and completely recording data –

Data entry / processing (especially of photos and spatial data) -


Orienteering -

Snowshoeing / cross country skiing -

Mechanic / maintenance skills -

References: (Provide 3 work references – name, position, and email address)
Any additional remarks you would like to make:

Thank you for your application to the USGS MN Wolf and Deer Project!  Shannon

Shannon Barber-Meyer, Ph.D.
Research Wildlife Biologist
USGS Wolf and Deer Project
1393 Hwy 169
Ely, MN 55731

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