Please join us for this educational day in Ann Arbor, Michigan. For farmers at all levels of vegetable production to see how cover crop options grow as solo crops and with a combination of 3. Also see how well the Sorghum Sudan cover crop is managing the thistle weed infestation.


Soil Health through Smart Farm Management

Cover crops for vegetable production

Join us for a day of sharing, seeing, and learning

Tilian Farm Development Center

4400 Pontiac Trail, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Thursday - Sept 19, 10 am-4 pm

Lunch will be provided as well as educational materials so please do register.

•	See over 30 types of cover crops growing We will take a look at how they grow, their benefits and their roots with Dr.  Dean Baas, MSUE Cover Crop Team Leader.

•	Visit the soil pit to see how cover crop roots grow, deep down, holding soil and feeding microbes with Vicki Morrone, Organic Farming Specialist, MSU.

•	Why are we so concerned about keeping the soil covered with living plants?-See how rain impacts the soil (and nutrients). A demonstration by Paul Gross, MSUE Cover Crop Team Educator.

•	Join us for a field walk of sorghum-Sudan grass cover crop, planted to “fight against” invasive thistle weeds with Kim Cassida, Forage and Cover crop specialist & Matt Keating-Farm Manager at Tilian.

•	See how cover crops improve soil conditions and water management demonstration with Dr. Kim Cassida, Forage and Cover Crop Specialist

•	Join in the discussion to understand cover crop values and options for your farm.
















[log in to unmask] for registration and questions. Don’t forget to dress for the weather.

Lunch will be provided as well as educational materials so please do register.


Sponsored by Soil Health Nexus, Michigan State University Extension, MIFFS, and Legacy Land Conservancy.




Vicki Morrone

Organic Farming Specialist

Center for Regional Food Systems at Michigan State University

480 Wilson Rd

East Lansing, MI 48824

517-282-3557 (cell)

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sorrone11 (skype)



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