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despite huge market potential, foreign companies increasingly face a
variety of challenges during the "soft landing" of the Chinese economy and
amidst globalization tendency (e.g. Trump). Asian Business & Management has
just published a focused issue touching upon opportunities and challenges
for foreign companies in China. Find out more at:

*Asian Business & Management* <>

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Volume 18, Issue 4, September 2019

*Focused Issue: Challenges and opportunities for foreign companies in China*

Challenges for foreign companies in China: implications for research and
practice <>

Fabian Jintae Froese
, Dylan Sutherland
<>, Jeoung
Yul Lee

Influences of expatriate managerial styles on host-country nationals’
turnover intention

Yong Suhk Pak
<>, Qinglu
Sun <>, Yi
Yang <>Pages

Unions and the productivity performance of multinational enterprises:
evidence from China

Tony Fang <>,
Ge <>, Youqing
Fan <>Pages

When does knowledge similarity help foreign firms improve performance?

Xuelian Piao
<>, Jon
Jungbien Moon

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Fabian Jintae FROESE, Ph.D., Dr. oec.

Professor and Chair of HRM and Asian Business, University of Goettingen

Director of Master in Global Business

Editor-in-chief of Asian Business & Management

Chair of Academy of International Business <> Western

President of the Association of Japanese Business Studies

Now on Twitter: @froesefabian <>

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