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Discusses the shifting paradigms in global business environment in the
Fourth Industrial Revolution *Global Business Environment* provides a
comprehensive account of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It captures the
current shifts in the global environment for business caused mainly by the
disruptive nature of rapid technological advancements and the consequences
of globalization, which impact political, social and economic changes.
Furnished with up-to-date examples and case studies, the book presents an
exhaustive yet lucid view of current socio-economic realities, latest
technological advancements, political undercurrents, and the issues and
challenges confronting organizations and institutions both globally and
locally. Besides students of management, this text will prove to be an
indispensable companion for those pursuing courses in liberal arts, social
sciences and economics.

*Key Features: *

- Systematic study of current trends in technology ranging from blockchain
to artificial intelligence (AI)
- Insights on modern concepts in economic thinking such as concept of
circular economy and behavioral economics.
- Latest topics enriching the contextual knowledge in which businesses
operate such as migration crisis, climate change, existential threats and
new age idealism.

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