Dear Professors,

Indian Government- ICSSR wants to initiate a joint research project tobe conducted in India and Japan by two business schools. We invite the interestfrom the Japanese business schools to join us to conduct a research on thefollowing:

"Project Title:

Impact of Workplace Spirituality on Employee Performance andOrganization Citizenship Behaviour in Japan and India 

In Japan, unfortunately60 people take their life every day (Gates 2018). There are 25 attempts ofsuicide for every 1 successful attempt. Japanese work culture, includingportraying a happy and professional exterior at all times, physical and mentalexhaustion due to overtime and workload is one of the leading causes of adultdepression and frustration leading to suicide. This was again highlighted bythe famous death of the 24- year-old Matsuri Takahashi in the year 2015 who 105hours' overtime one month before killing herself.With workplace problemsprominent among the causes of suicide, companies have a duty to act Kobayashi(2018).

WorkplaceSpirituality develops a supporting and a healthy work environment. According toa study conducted by Karkaras (2010), Workplace Spirituality enhances employeewell-being and creates a sense of community and interconnectedness, which inturn enhances productivity and performance. Workplace spirituality has manydimensions, four of them include: meaningful work, sense ofcommunity (Ashmos and Duchon 2000), compassion (Petchsawang andDuchon 2009), and organizational values (Milliman et al. 2003). Suchvalues in the organizational culture are antidotes to prevailing depression. Ithas been observed by many researcher’s (Duchon and Plowman2005, Fry 2003,Milliman et al. 2003) that there is a positive co-relation between WorkplaceSpirituality and Employee Performance. Organization Citizenship Behavior involvesa combination of behaviours, such as taking and accommodating extra duty,loyalty to the system and the rules regulations of an organisation. Productiveemployees who exhibit Organization Citizenship Behavior are very resourcefulbecause not only do they breed productivity, but also create a warm and asupporting work environment. Tepper 2017 established a positive co-relationbetween spirituality and Organization Citizenship Behaviour. Workplacespirituality has its roots in Organizational Behaviour theories whereinMaslow’s perception regarding self-actualization relates to the sense ofspirituality (Neck & Milliman, 1994). Spirituality having its roots in Indiacan develop a promising research with a potential solution to the Japan’ssocial challenge."

The interestedProfessor can contact, Dr Prof R. K. Srivastava on email: [log in to unmask] [log in to unmask] 

Government of  India along with the Japanese Government willfund the research which includes travel and stay. If the joint research is awarded, all necessary accommodation,administrative and logistical support for the related visits of the partnershall be organized by the host business schools on either side without anyfinancial commitments.
Please confirm your interest before 30thJuly 2019.
Thanking you and looking forward to your reply.
Dr. R.K. Srivastava
Professor and HOD
Government of Maharashtra's Sydenham Institute of Management Studies,3rdFloor,B-Road,Churchgate
University of Mumbai-150 Years of standing
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