Professor of Technology and Global Development

12 Jun
15 Sep


------Please find a description of the academic area in the attached full vacancy text-----

Without being prescriptive it is expected that the successful applicant will develop research around themes such as:

  • The use of technological applications and innovations by governments to deliver more effective public services especially in the areas of social protection and health
  • To identify and examine how new technologies and innovations may be used to tackle global issues such as environmental sustainability and climate change
  • To explore barriers to uptake, identify the effects of new technologies and explore how promising technologies may lead to greater global benefits (reduce poverty, enhance inclusive growth) as opposed to leading to greater inequality within and across countries

Expected tasks


In its recent research evaluation, ISS received high ratings on academic excellence, societal relevance and viability of its research. The institute wants to maintain or exceed this level of performance and the candidate will be expected to contribute to this aim. The candidate will be expected to conduct and develop excellent research within the ISS research programme, collaborate with researchers in ISS, EUR and outside, publish, acquire external funding, contribute to societal relevance of research, co-supervise PhD researchers, and engage in management and other duties in the research programme. The successful candidate will also have the freedom to develop and lead a group which focuses on technology and global development.


The candidate will be expected to contribute to teaching, development and evaluation of teaching in institute-wide teaching activities, to take up MA supervisions, and to engage in coordination and management of teaching activities.


The candidate is expected to be able to embed and link research and teaching activities to societal developments, in the global South and/or in the global North. Valorisation, contributions to public debate and capacity building projects are also part of the engagement tasks to which the candidate will be expected to contribute.

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