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Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (IF 6.193) published a new virtual issue on International Entrepreneurship It brings together 26 recent papers on the themes of (1) Internationalization of Entrepreneurial and Family Firms, (2) Comparative Entrepreneurship and (3) Indigenous Entrepreneurship.


Internationalization of entrepreneurial and family firms

·         Successful Scaling in Social Franchising: The Case of Impact Hub, Alessandro Giudici, James G. Combs, Benedetto Lorenzo Cannatelli, and Brett R. Smith, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2018 10.1177/1042258718801593 

·         Family Firms and the Choice Between Wholly Owned Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures: A Transaction Costs Perspective, Maria Cristina Sestu and Antonio Majocchi, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2018 10.1177/1042258718797925 

·         African Business Groups: How Does Group Affiliation Improve SMEs’ Export Intensity?, Mahdi Tajeddin and Michael Carney, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2018 10.1177/1042258718779586 

·         How Home-Peers Affect the Export Market Exit of Small Firms: Evidence From Canadian Exporters*, Sui Sui, Matthias Baum, and Shavin Malhotra, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2018 10.1177/1042258718764907 

·         Foreign Business Activities, Foreignness of the VC Syndicate, and IPO Value, Salim Chahine, Samer Saade, and Marc Goergen, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2018 10.1177/1042258718757503 

·         Slack, Innovation, and Export Intensity: Implications for Small– and Medium–Sized Enterprises, Andreea N. Kiss, Stephanie Fernhaber, and Patricia P. McDougall–Covin, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2018 10.1111/etap.12276 

·         International Entrepreneurship: A Meta–Analysis on the Internationalization and Performance Relationship, Christian Schwens, Florian B. Zapkau, Michael Bierwerth, Rodrigo Isidor, Gary Knight, and Rüdiger Kabst, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2018 10.1111/etap.12280 

·         Why is Family Firms’ Internationalization Unique? A Meta–Analysis, Jean–Luc Arregle, Patricio Duran, Michael A. Hitt, and Marc van Essen, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2017 41:5801-831 

·         Barbarians at the Gate of the Middle Kingdom: The International Mobility of Financing Contract and Governance, Victor Zitian Chen, PhD and Sunny Li Sun, PhD, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2017 43:4802-837 

·         An Assemblage–Theoretic Perspective on the Internationalization Processes of Family Firms, A. Rebecca Reuber, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2016 40:61269-1286 

·         Entrepreneurs’ Assessments of Early International Entry: The Role of Foreign Social Ties, Venture Absorptive Capacity, and Generalized Trust in Others, Anne Domurath and Holger Patzelt, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2016 40:51149-1177 


Comparative entrepreneurship

·         The Influence of Formal and Informal Institutional Voids on Entrepreneurship, Justin W. Webb, Theodore A. Khoury, and Michael A. Hitt, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2019 10.1177/1042258719830310

·         Institutions and Entrepreneurship Quality, Farzana Chowdhury, David B. Audretsch, and Maksim Belitski, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2018 43:151-81 

·         Network Disadvantaged Entrepreneurs: Density, Hierarchy, and Success in China and the West, Ronald S. Burt, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2018 43:119-50 

·         National Business Regulations and City Entrepreneurship in Europe: A Multilevel Nested Analysis, David B. Audretsch, Maksim Belitski, and Sameeksha Desai, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2018 10.1177/1042258718774916 

·         How Do Labor Market Institutions Influence the Preference to Work in Family Firms? A Multilevel Analysis Across 40 Countries, Jörn H. Block, Christian O. Fisch, James Lau, Martin Obschonka, and André Presse, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2018 10.1177/1042258718765163 

·         Get it Together! Synergistic Effects of Causal and Effectual Decision–Making Logics on Venture Performance, Katrin M. Smolka, Ingrid Verheul, Katrin Burmeister–Lamp, and Pursey P.M.A.R. Heugens, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2018 10.1111/etap.12266 

·         The More the Merrier? Immigrant Share and Entrepreneurial Activities, Chengguang Li, Rodrigo Isidor, Luis Alfonso Dau, and Rudy Kabst, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2018 10.1111/etap.12277 

·         More than Words: Do Gendered Linguistic Structures Widen the Gender Gap in Entrepreneurial Activity?, Diana M. Hechavarría, Siri A. Terjesen, Pekka Stenholm, Malin Brännback, and Stefan Lång, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2018 10.1111/etap.12278 

·         How Context Shapes Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy as a Driver of Entrepreneurial Intentions: A Multilevel Approach, Jana Schmutzler, Veneta Andonova, and Luis Diaz-Serrano, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2018 10.1177/1042258717753142 

·         Necessity or Opportunity? The Effects of State Fragility and Economic Development on Entrepreneurial Efforts, José Ernesto Amorós, Luciano Ciravegna, Vesna Mandakovic, and Pekka Stenholm, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2017 43:4725-750 

·         Entrepreneurial Orientation Rhetoric in Franchise Organizations: The Impact of National Culture, Anna Watson, Olufunmilola (Lola) Dada, Owen Wright, and Rozenn Perrigot, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2017 43:4751-772 

·         Informal Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies: The Impacts of Starting up Unregistered on firm Performance, Colin C. Williams, Dr. Alvaro Martinez–Perez, and Dr. Abbi M. Kedir, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2017 41:5773-799 

·         Beyond Red Tape and Fools: Institutional Theory in Entrepreneurship Research, 1992–2014, Jing Su, Qinghua Zhai, and Tomas Karlsson, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2017 41:4505-531 


Indigenous entrepreneurship

·         Examining Entrepreneurship Through Indigenous Lenses, Garry D. Bruton, Shaker A. Zahra, and Li Cai, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2017 42:3351-361 

·         Who Fills Institutional Voids? Entrepreneurs’ Utilization of Political and Family Ties in Emerging Markets, Jianhua Ge, Michael Carney, and Franz Kellermanns, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2018 10.1177/1042258718773175 



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