Call for Proposals:  Sustainable Living- Volume 8 Action & Insights Case Study Book




To achieve the sustainable development goals, both the developed and developing countries need to focus on sustainable living.  Sustainable living is about lifestyle choices. It is a broader topic than environmental resource management and personal resource management, as it also looks at human development and the interaction between humans and the environment they live in. This includes the technology environment we have created. Sustainable living focuses on personal living and work life management. The need for individual and societal consumer choices, the freedom to choose, the information that is available, and the role of government policy in regulating that choice and minimizing the negative effects of human development is a tense one.




Expression of Interest by 15 July, 2019  using Vol8Actions&Insights Or


Editors Response on decision of proposal by 30 July, 2019


Contributors are requested to send an expression of interest that covers the following


·         Case Organization: Needs to be a real company or organization (can be a government department)


·         Decision Maker: Name and designation (the name maybe disguised), and you must be sure you will get a case release signed from the organization.


·         Decision Problem: Must be about an issue that falls in the boundary of SDGs


Submission Date for first review:  15 November, 2019


Final Submission to Publishers: 15 February, 2019


Publication Date: October 2020




Manuscript checklist                                                                         


Ø  Case Release from organization

Ø  Clearly identified decision maker

Ø  Clearly identified future decision problems

Ø  Theory applicable

Ø  Six key words per chapter

Ø  Case introduction (Decision maker, decision problem, context) 250 words

Ø  Organizational context, brief relevant history, decision context

Ø  Decision criteria

Ø  5,000 words

Ø  Teaching Questions

Ø  All pictures, exhibits and diagrams have permission releases AND ALL EXHIBIT in editable format.

Ø  Appendices (if any)

Ø  Word format

Ø  All material in format of the case.

Ø  Illustrations/figures/tables clearly labelled and provided as per author guidelines

Ø  List of Index terms (Emerald will compile an index for your book)

Ø  About the Authors information (if applicable) – 150 word biographies for each contributor, email and affiliation. Please stick to the 150-word limit.

Ø  Signed Chapter Transfer Agreement

Ø  Review track (copies of email exchanges)


Melodena Stephens

Immanuel Azaad Moonesar

Fadi Salem

Raed Awamleh


Affiliation: Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government




Dr. Immanuel Azaad Moonesar R.D.

President, Academy of International Business - MENA Chapter

Assistant Professor- Health Policy


Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government

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