Dear colleagues,

After my earlier post about an 80K road bike tour during AIB (you can still write to me if interested) I discovered there is a lot of demand for shorter, leisurely rides. So I have now posted four loops in and around town. You can join a group of conference participants who will ride these on Monday June 24th, 12.00 sharp, from Nyhavn 44, Copenhagen - no need to register. But you can of course ride them at any time. The loops all start from Nyhavn 44, except loop D which is an extension of loop B. But loop C comes through CBS, so you could also start riding from there. The loops can be found here: They are  downloadable in various formats and contain a little commentary from me on the route and surroundings. There are many options for procuring a bike in Copenhagen including Copenhagen bicycles (located at Nyhavn 44), but you may also have seen the offer below from AIB to ride for free as an orange donkey :-).

Free Bike Rentals with Donkey Republic
Donkey Republic bikes are available at stations all around town for rent and they're a convenient, affordable way to see more of the city. You simply unlock them using an app on your phone, ride as much as you want, and drop it off at a drop-off location near your destination. With the code AIBike, your first 2-hour rental is free. This is the App:

Enjoy your ride!

Best regards,

Dr. Michael J. Mol
Professor of Strategic and International Management
Department of Strategy and Innovation
Copenhagen Business School
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