Dear AIB Colleagues,

If you are attending this year’s AIB Southeast USA Conference, October 17 – 19, 2019, San Antonio, TX,

We are looking for panelists for a session on Experiential Learning.



We are organizing an Experiential Learning Lesson Plan Workshop, delivered as a panel session.  

The proposed panel session tentative title: Experiential Learning Lesson Plan Workshop: Sharing Ideas and Strategies for Student Success

CALL FOR CO-AUTHORS/PANELISTS: We are seeking panelists who have a range of experience regarding experiential learning. Ideally, we would like this panel session to represent a variety of experiential learning classroom activities. This session will be focused on simulations and classroom activities.  Activities can be completed in one class session or throughout a course. 

Based on experience, this is a well-received session by reviewers, yet needs to be contained to 4-5 formal panelists on a variety of specific topics in order for it to be attractive to the reviewers. 

Goals of the session: to share information about the successful implementation of the activity; provide a brief demonstration of the activity; share outcomes of the activity; how to connect the activity to course learning outcomes; to provide a networking opportunity for academics interested in, or already engaged in experiential learning activities to enhance their international business course(s) and student experience.  We will defer to the reviewers and organizing committed to guide if this session would be best received as a panel format or workshop format.

Important Details

To apply as a participating co-panelist/co-author for this session, please email the following details in a Word Document to Karen Lynden,  [log in to unmask] no later than the final deadline of June 12, 5 pm EST:

1.       Full name as you would like it presented in the proposal:

2.       Academic Title as you would like it to appear in the AIBSE submission portal:

3.       E-mail associated with your university:

4.       Full name of your university:

5.       Country (current teaching location):

6.       AIB-SE 2019 Attendance: Please indicate -I will attend the conference: 100% confident; interested but unsure if I can make the dates/secure travel funding; or “other” -please provide notes

7.       How many other sessions (papers, panel sessions) will you be associated with submitting for this particular conference?

8.       Title of the course(s) you have integrated with the activity:

9.       How many semesters have you facilitated this activity?

10.   What weight/percentage of the overall course grade is focused on the activity?

11.   How many students (estimate) have you facilitated this activity with over time?

12.   Title of your specific presentation:

13.   Summary of your presentation: Strict word limit of 200-300 words.  Please do not submit past papers or past presentations as these will not be considered.  Please be very specific in presenting your idea for this session. 

14.   Interactive presentation details:  If asked to provide a demonstration, hands-on or interactive 2-5 minute activity, please provide a 150-200 word summary of the activity you would facilitate with participants.  This might be an activity that takes form as a round-table activity, or as a presenter to the audience of attendees. 

15.   Attach completed lesson plan – to be shared with attendees.  Completed example attached for reference.

Panelists will be selected based on: completeness of submission (all details 1-15 provided); specificity and uniqueness of summary; alignment with the goals of the session; and commitment to attending the conference.  We often receive many of panel session submissions for this panel session -and it is incredibly difficult to select some and not all interested professors. To this end, we will use the selection criteria to be fair for all interested applicants, and to create a proposal that has the most likely opportunity to be selected by reviewers and appealing for attendees. 


Submit two (2) attachments as Word Documents:

·         Answers to questions 1-14 as an attached Word document.

·         Attach completed lesson plan


Important deadlines for this request:

Submission deadline: June 12, 5 pm EST to [log in to unmask]

Notification of proposal receipt: 48 hours

Notification of acceptance: June 13, 5PM EST

Submissions, questions, comments:  Karen Lynden at  [log in to unmask]


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