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I’m pleased to share a new virtual issue on Cross-cultural studies in Applied Psychology. <>

Explore a collection of freely available research from Applied Psychology: An International Review (IF 3.265) on the theme of culture and organizational psychology, in support of the Academy of International Business Annual Meeting. The papers are freely available online until 31st July 2019. They cover topics from workplace relationships, entrepreneurship, personnel selection to academic faking from a cross-cultural perspective.

Workplace relationships and outcomes

  *   How Do Coworkers “Make the Place”? Examining Coworker Conflict and the Value of Harmony in China and the United States, <> Cong Liu<>, Margaret M. Nauta<>, Liu‐Qin Yang<>, Paul E. Spector<>
  *   Power Imbalance and Employee Silence: The Role of Abusive Leadership, Power Distance Orientation, and Perceived Organisational Politics, <> Long W. Lam<>, Angela J. Xu<>
  *   Being Tough Versus Tender: The Impact of Country‐Level and Individual Masculinity Orientations as Moderators of the Relationship Between Job Insecurity and Job Attitudes, <> Maike E. Debus<>, Martin Kleinmann<>, Cornelius J. König<>, Silvan Winkler<>
  *   Influence of Personality Traits and Moral Values on Employee Well‐Being, Resilience and Performance: A Cross‐National Study, <> Vidya S. Athota<>, Pawan Budhwar<>, Ashish Malik<>
  *   Values at Work: The Impact of Personal Values in Organisations, <> Sharon Arieli<>, Lilach Sagiv<>, Sonia Roccas<>
      Invited commentaries on ‘Values at Work’

• Putting Values into Context, <> Peter B. Smith<>

• What Is the Practical Utility of Value Research for Organisational Practitioners in a Global Context?<> Ronald Fischer<>

• Setting the Foundations for Theoretical Progress toward Understanding the Role of Values in Organisational Behaviour, <> Gregory R. Maio<>, Paul H.P. Hanel<>, Robin Martin<>, Allan Lee<>, Geoff Thomas<>


  *   Hard or Easy? Difficulty of Entrepreneurial Startups in 107 Climato‐Economic Environments, <> Evert Van de Vliert<>, Onne Janssen<>, Gerben S. Van der Vegt<>
  *   Unpacking the Personal Initiative–Performance Relationship: A Multi‐Group Analysis of Innovation by Ugandan Rural and Urban Entrepreneurs, <> Gerrit Rooks<>, Arthur Sserwanga<>, Michael Frese<>
  *   Contextualising Risk and Building Resilience: Returnees Versus Local Entrepreneurs in China, <> Yipeng Liu<>

Personnel selection

  *   Cross‐Cultural Differences in Applicant Faking on Personality Tests: A 43‐Nation Study<>, Clemens B. Fell<>, Cornelius J. König<>
  *   Culture and Testing Practices: Is the World Flat?, <> Ann Marie Ryan<>, Matthew C. Reeder<>, Juliya Golubovich<>, James Grand<>, Ilke Inceoglu<>, Dave Bartram<>, Eva Derous<>, Ioannis Nikolaou<>, Xiang Yao<>

Academic faking

  *   Examining Cross‐Cultural Differences in Academic Faking in 41 Nations, <> Clemens B. Fell<>, Cornelius J. König<>

Cultural studies

  *   The Effect of a Majority Group's Orientation Toward Acculturation on a Minority Group's Feelings of National Identity, <> Halja Pilvisto<>, Aune Valk<>

About Applied Psychology

Applied Psychology: An International review (AP:IR) is the official journal of the International Association of Applied Psychology. AP:IR publishes research across the field of applied psychology, often across national and cultural contexts.

AP:IR’s impact factor is 3.265 (2-year) and 3.531 (5-year, 2018 Journal Citation Reports(r), Thomson Reuters, 2018). It is ranked ‘3’ on the UK Chartered Association of Business Schools Academic Journal Guide 2018 (ABS list), ‘A’ on the Australian Business Dean’s Council Journal Quality List 2016 (ABDC list), ‘3’ on the French CNRS list, and  ‘B’ on the German VHB-JOURQUAL 3.

Other recent virtual and special issues include: Entrepreneurship ( and Research Participant Carelessness (

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