Dear AIB Colleagues,

Now that the latest semester is over, many of you may be turning your
attention to writing, whether it be for conferences, journals, book
chapters or even a thesis or dissertation.  If, as you complete your work,
you would like it reviewed by an experienced proofreader/editor, consider
my service.  Since beginning it several years ago, I have worked on
hundreds of different documents covering a wide range of topics and
disciplines.  Clients have included non-native as well as native English

My objective is to make a paper read smoothly and clearly, so I concentrate
on word usage, phrasing, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.  And my
experience in the field of International Business allows me to make
suggestions about content if necessary.

My fees are competitive and reasonable, and my response time is quick.  For
additional information or if you have questions, contact me at
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I look forward to working with you on your projects.

Best regards,

John Dilyard, Ph.D.

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